Soul Light Universal–Alternative Therapy offers Special Blessing/Training Sessions, consist of the ancient and new wisdom, and practical techniques that do the following:
Remove soul, heart, mind, and body (energy & matter) blockages from your life, an issue, or a condition; – The Blessings uplift the Frequency and Vibration of your body, the mind, heart, and the spirit.;- The method and practical techniques, with special blessings are meant to unify and align Soul, Hear,Mind, Body as one; To name the few.
Some of the results you can count on when working and training with Soul Light Universal are:
-You will experience greater Harmony and Flow within you and with everyone around you; -You’ll feel more comfortable and in flow within you, and your life; -The experience and awareness of your Higher Self and purpose in life.; -What’s the most important you’ll feel empowered to forge vigorously towards the manifestation of your chosen life;
If you feel called to step-up to your manifestation, and discovery journey, and learn more about Blessing Transmissions, and the soul wisdom, please connect with us for a complimentary 30min assessment session, to see how best we can assist you.
The imbalances and sickness are due to blockages on the cellular level. Let me explain further.
The cells are smallest units in our body. Cells constantly vibrate, expand and contact, radiating energy . All healing modalities identify illness through the effect on this cellular vibration.
When cells contract, matter inside the cells transforms into energy radiating out to the spaces between the cells and outside of cells.
After contracting, the cells will expand. When cells expand the energy between the cells will transform back into matter inside the cells. When you’re healthy the transformation of energy and matter on the cellular level is in relative balance.

That being said there are only two kinds of energy-matter imbalances that cause the illness:
– One is too much energy between the cells in the spaces. …

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