We offer Special Blessing/Training Sessions, consist of the ancient and new wisdom, and practical techniques that do the following:

– Remove Soul, Heart, Mind, and Body (energy & matter) blockages from one’s life, an issue, or a condition.
-The Blessings uplift the Frequency and Vibration of one’s body, the mind, heart, and the spirit.
When frequency becomes higher, and finer, everything in our lives start to shift, and changes for better.
-The method and practical techniques, with special blessings are meant align Soul, Heart, Mind and Body as one Unit.

These three are the most potent Benefits of Soul Healing and Transformation therapy.

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Some of the results you can count on when working and training with Soul Light Universal:
– You will experience greater Harmony and Flow within you and with everyone around you.
– You’ll feel more comfortable and better align within your body, mind, heart and soul.
– Experience awareness of your own Higher self and purpose–your special task
– What’s the most important, you’ll feel empowered to forge vigorously towards the manifestation of your perfect life.

If you’d like to learn more about the power of the Source Blessing Transmissions, and the wisdom behind it, please Contact us for a Complimentary 30min assessment Session, to see how best we can assist your physical life and your spiritual journey.

What ever is happening in our small universe (our Body, our Mind, our Heart and Spirit) is also happening in the Big Universe (countless Planets, Stars, Galaxies and Universes).

When we align our spiritual mental, emotional & physical bodies as ONE, within and with the outside world, and we remove some immediate blockages from our soul, heart, mind and body; we are able to experience our true selves, and freedom, which is our birthright.

Soul blockages are negative messages stored within us from decades of our lives’ experiences;

Heart blockages are selfishness, lack of spiritual wisdom, lack of love, gratitude, forgiveness, trust, self-love and self worth issues.

Mind blockages are negative mindsets, negative believes, ego and attachments.

Body blockages are energy and matter blockages. Healing

When we are in the flow, when we surrender and we are able to open our harts and souls to receive, we accelerate faster. We assist the process of acceleration and transformation for others, too. Including our loved once, our peers, our community, city and all nature.

Physical and spiritual lives are ONE, according to the Ancient and the new teachings, and my own life experience.

Physical life is Yang and its temporary and Spiritual life is Yin and it’s eternal.
Day is Yang, Night is Yin, the front of our body is Yin and back is Yang.
The upper body is Yin and below the navel to the feet is Yang.

Everything consists of Yin & Yang therefore It is the Universal principal and laws and it needs to be in Balance, for the Highest achievement and the good for all.

One of the great Benefits of Soul healing and transformation is Balanced Yin and Yang.

The way to advance your Physical-Energy and Spiritual journey in this way, is to do an appropriate Energy and Spiritual practices and to receive appropriate Blessing transmissions and wisdom.

Blessing transmissions are essential to save the time, and speed up the process, for transformation and healing.  It would take one decades of dedicated practice, six to eight hour every day, to experience true shift and transformation (six to eight hours per day is considered to be the usual length of daily spiritual practice for serious practitioner).

Blessing transmissions are meant to remove soul, heart, mind and body blockages as appropriate and increase the frequency and vibration of one’s body, mind and spirit, when the transformation happens naturally.

The ultimate Goal of bringing about the appropriate Energy, Spiritual practices and Special Blessing Transmissions to Humanity at this time on Mother Earth, is to make the frequencies of as many higher and higher, finer and finer.

When the soul healing/blessing method is properly implemented, one’s Power, especially, Spiritual power become stronger and stronger.

True spiritual power is beyond words. 

When we purify and accelerate in this way our Hearts and Souls first, the health, rejuvenation of our body, mind and spirit happens naturally.

This is also the way to bring Harmony and Unity to the outside world and overall help raise frequency and vibration of others.
We bring greater harmony to our lives, and at the same time to our Families, Communities, Society and all beings on Mother Earth and way beyond.
Likewise, on the soul level we’re assisting all the souls in countless Universes, as well.

Please, connect with us for more profound wisdom, blessings, practical techniques that lead to the greatest transformation, healing and the final goal of every soul Journey, which is to reach the soul, mind and body Enlightenment.

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