We offer Special Blessing/Training Sessions, consist of the ancient and new wisdom, and practical techniques that do the following:

  • Remove soul, heart, mind, and body (energy & matter) blockages from your life, an issue, or a condition.
  • The Blessings uplift the Frequency and Vibration of your body, the mind, heart, and the spirit.
    When frequency becomes higher, and finer, everything shifts, and changes for better.
  • The method and practical techniques, with special blessings are meant to unify and align Soul, Heart, Mind and Body as one.

These three are the most potent Benefits of Soul Healing and Transformation therapy.

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Some of the results you can count on when working and training with Soul Light Universal are:

  • You will experience greater Harmony and Flow within you and with everyone around you.
  • You’ll feel more comfortable and in flow within you, and your life.
  • The experience and awareness of your Higher Self and purpose in life.
  • What’s the most important you’ll feel empowered to forge vigorously towards the manifestation of your chosen life.

If you feel called to step-up to your manifestation, and discovery journey, and learn more about Blessing Transmissions, and the soul wisdom, please connect with us for a complimentary 30min assessment session, to see how best we can assist you.

What Causes Illness and Imbalances in our Lives

For us to better assist you, it’s good that you know the causes of sickness, according to Soul, Mind, Body Medicine.
The imbalances and sickness are due to blockages on the cellular level. Let me explain further.
The cells are smallest units in our body. Cells constantly vibrate, expand and contact, radiating energy . All healing modalities identify illness through the effect on this cellular vibration.

When cells contract, matter inside the cells transforms into energy radiating out to the spaces between the cells and outside of cells.
After contracting, the cells will expand. When cells expand the energy between the cells will transform back into matter inside the cells. When you’re healthy the transformation of energy and matter on the cellular level is in relative balance. 

That being said there are only two kinds of energy-matter imbalances that cause the illness:
– One is too much energy between the cells in the spaces.

The cells are overactive and accumulating energy around them that can not flow quickly enough to the other parts of body.
Meanwhile, more matter is coming to the cells through capillary system, that can’t be transform to energy because of too much energy accumulated around the cell. This imbalance create too much matter in the cells.

The oposite imbalance is not enough energy between the cells, in the spaces. 
This causes not enough matter inside the cells, hence different degeneration occurs in the body.

Two Main Examples of Common Sicknesses

When any cause makes cellural vibration overactive, the energy accumulates because it can’t flow quickly enough.

The physical pain or inflammation, all cysts and tumors, cancer, Aids, and most emotional imbalances (the anger, depression, anxiety, worry, fear) are due to too much energy around the cells. About 85-90% of our common illnesses fall into this category.

On the other hand, any kind of degenerative change is caused by not enough energy around the cells, or the organs.
For example, degenerative changes in the muscles, or tissues, in the bones, in the brain (Alzheimer’s}, Parkinson’s disease are caused by insufficient energy in the spaces . 
About 10-15% of illnesses on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels fall into this category.

In conclusion, the healing solution for illnesses caused by too much energy in the spaces between the cells, is to dissipate the energy.

In like fashion for sicknesses caused by lack of energy in between, and around the cells is to increase or build up the energy. 
Besides, healing blessing transmissions of light frequencies, we provide practical techniques to support both causes of sickness.

Heart, Mind, Body & Spiritual Blockages

What ever is happening in our small universe (our body, mind, our Heart and Spirit) is also happening in the Big Universe (countless planets, Stars, Galaxies and Universes). We’re all one qi–the Universal energy.

When we unify our spiritual mental, emotional & physical bodies as One, within and with the outside world, and we remove some immediate spiritual blockages, we are able to heal, and experience our true selves, and freedom in our lives.

Spiritual- the Soul blockages are negative messages stored within us from decades of our lives’ experiences.
We have methods to remove those negative messages through blessings, and practical techniques.
Practical techniques include:
meditation, visualization, the invocations, forgiveness practice,
the soul orders, to name the few.

Heart blockages are selfishness, lack of spiritual wisdom, lack of love, gratitude, forgiveness, trust, self-love and self worth issues.

Mind blockages are negative mindsets, negative believes, ego and attachments.

Body blockages are energy and matter blockages. He

Removing Spiritual Blockages

With this in mind when we remove or minimize, especially spiritual blockages, we experience the flow and ease in our lives,
We surrender and allow our hearts to open and to receive all that is available to us.
Moreover, we assist the process of acceleration and healing for others, including our loved once, peers, community, city, and all beings.

Physical and spiritual lives are One.

Physical life is Yang and its temporary and Spiritual life is Yin and it’s eternal.

One of the great Benefits of Soul healing and teachings is Unification and balance between physical and spiritual bodies, and lives.

Spiritual Practice, Meditation, Visualization, the Soul Power Invocations

As explained the way to advance, and remove blockages from your Physical and Spiritual life, is to do practical techniques–Energy and Spiritual practices.
The practical tools go hand in hand with Healing/Blessing transmissions and wisdom teachings.

Ultimately, with implementing all three factors, the practical techniques, healing/blessings, and  soul power wisdom our spiritual power increases. Spiritual power is significant for any healing, transformation, and the acceleration path. 

Furthermore, this is also the way to bring Harmony and Unity to the outside world and help raise the frequency and vibration of others.

Blessing transmissions are essential to save time, and speed up the process of transformation and healing.  It would take one decade of dedicated practice, six to eight hours every day, to experience the transformation (six to eight hours per day is considered to be the usual length of daily spiritual practice for the serious practitioner).

Blessing Transmissions

For this reason, we implement Blessing transmissions to remove soul, heart, mind and body blockages from your condition.
As a result, the frequency of the issue you experience increases when healing takes place naturally.

The ultimate goal of bringing in the appropriate energy, and spiritual practices, with Blessing transmissions is to make the frequencies of as many people on earth higher and higher.
Consequently, we can heal, transform and evolve faster, individually and as a group.

Please, Connect with us for soul healing blessings,and practical techniques that can lead to your transformation and healing at this significant time.

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