The Source Field Calligraphy Blessing

At these times of great shifts and changes, it’s also the time of greatest possibilities for our growth and healing journeys. In other words, it’s a monumental time to transform, and accelerate in our lives, along with Mother Earth’s Transition.

That’s being said, I’m honored to be able to offer to you, the highest frequency blessing transmissions for your journey.

Whether you’re suffering from chronic condition, or you desire more peace and contentment in your life; we can assist you with our the Source frequency spiritual tool.

The Source Field 6’ original Calligraphy, created by Tao Master Healer, carries the Source healing field, with very high Frequency & Vibration.

Once its activated, in and around you or your condition; this Light frequency and vibration field stimulates and causes the higher levels of negative messages, karmic patterns to transmute to the Source llight.

We know the Light can heal, prevent sickness, it can rejuvenate, and prolong life. Given, that this is the Source frequency and vibration Field; it carries the light of countless planets, stars, galaxies, and Universes, also. This powerful frequency causes the healing process on a deep cellular level, and results are long-lasting.

Let me illustrate with an example, how it works.

Real-life Example:

One of our clients had a chronic depression. I saw at once, that the nature of her struggle is deeply rooted. It was obvious to me that she was in pain for a long time. Her pain wasn’t connected only to this life-time. I knew the Source calligaphy field can remove some of those deep negative messages, from her system.

At her first session, I surrounded her with the Source Calligraphy field. We’ve done various exercises, in order to empower her dormant abilities. Just after two, Calligraphy healing/blessing sessions, she was healed. Now, she is completely in charge of her life. The source field, and me as its vehicle, have shifted her perceptions to where they’re meant to be. The truth is, the deep healing on the cellular level, had to take place first.

When and Why the Source Field

You can receive, the Source field healing/blessing in person, or remotely. Considering this is a spiritual tool, the benefits are equal in person, or remotely.

Immediately, our clients experience high awareness, nourishment, inner peace and content.

Furthermore, the negative messages and darkness, from the issue, are removed on the deep cellular level. As a result, we are honored to offer, the Source healing/blessing, to more serious, and  chronic conditions.

Let me address further, why heart, mind, energy, and matter blockages are so crucial for well being. For you to completely heal, you should know the wisdom behind your illness. In particular your awareness, and conscious attention are the keys to your healing. Our clients receive this knowledge, along with a healing process. For this reason, you’re in a favor of prevention, rather then healing.

If you’re on the spiritual and an acceleration journey, being in the frequency of the source field, can mean a jump-start to the higher realms of consciousness.

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The Source Field Calligraphy Blessing Explanation

Your issue, condition, a challenge is transformed, at its root cause, and through the highest frequencies of the Source Light.
This transformation and healing field, also carries the highest frequencies of the Source love, forgiveness and compression. Additionally, the frequency and the light of countless planets, stars, galaxies, and universes are present.


Those Universal forces, when activated, create a powerful vibration field, which can affect issues on the deep cellular level, Thus our source field Calligraphy blessing, has a high percentage of exceptional results, to transform lives’ challenges.

When soul, heart, mind and body blockages are lessened or removed, consequently, the frequency of your issue is increased.

This results in a profound transformation on all levels of your being. Any negative messages within your organs, systems, cells, cell unts, DNA and RNA, related to the condition are transformed into the highest frequencies of the Source light .

  • Have a look at our Testimonials page. Our testimonials they emphasize the power of the Source Field Calligraphy. Notice, the healing and transformation that took place was in different aspects of lives.

You can receive the Source Calligraphy Blessing Transmission, one on one, in person or remotely.
offer it to the groups of any size, in person or remotely.

Heal your Relationships and Finances

In brief, the Source field healing happens on the soul, and the cellular level, first. Our clients experience a permanent shift for better, in their lives’, once the root cause of the issue is healed,  
life issues are successfully treated through the Source field Calligraphy blessing.

What are life issues?

For instance: if you have a chronic headache. It may be caused by the negative memories in your subconscious. For instance, they can accumulate, and stop the energy from freely flowing in your head. Consequently, this can lead to a chronic pain. On the other hand, if you prevent negative messages to accumulate, and you receive an appropriate help, in the early stages, you can save yourself the time and effort.

Moreover, the Source field frequency and vibration can transform chronic physical, mental, and emotional conditions.

If you struggle with broken relationships, or you have challenges in your finances; many times it’s the sign that your heart (the 4th chakra) have blockages. In other words, you can receive the Source field blessing for your heart, and message center, to open fully.

In Summary

Let me conclude, with the truth about Spiritual–an alternative practice. In general, we know, how we can’t see ourselves. Nevertheless, it’s when we’re in straggle, or in pain, that we can see the light.

The good news is, a talented intuitive practitioner is able to size up, all our dormant and latent abilities, and our immediate need. Finally, he/she is able to ‘provide’ the necessary virtue, needed, for us to successfully move on with our journeys. This is the main difference, between a holistic–an alternative therapy and traditional medicine.

Indeed, the Source frequency Field provides the necessary virtue for your challenge, and for this reason it can initiate the healing.

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