OFFER #3: TAO Song & TAO Movement Blessing

Tao is the Source. Tao Song and/orTao Movement technique and Blessing transmissions are offered through Song and Movement.

As a Certified Tao Song and Movement–Dance practitioner, I am honored to be given the Love and Light with Divine and the Source frequency and power to offer Blessings and Healing/Transformation Transmissions through song and/or movement.

Participant/Participants receive the Highest frequency and vibration of Tao – the Source Love, Forgiveness, Compassion and Light that can appropriately remove soul, heart, mind and body blockages from one’s physical and spiritual life and conditions.

Tao Song is Tao Yin — the Source Yin and Tao Movement/Dance is Tao Yang–the Source Yang. This means that Tao Song and Tao Dance carry the Source frequency, vibration and power.
Tao Oneness practice is created which transforms health, relationships, finances, intelligence and brings success to every aspect of life. Contact us for personalized information on your specific request.

There is the ancient an saying that says:
When Yin and Yang are in balance one is Healthy.
Tao Song and Tao Movement balances Yin and Yang in the body, mind & spirit.

TAO Song & Tao Movement can remove darkness and negative information from once mind, body and spirit, further more it can transform issue, or condition. and turn it into Light and Love.
When blockages of soul, heart, mind and body are removed through sound and/or movement, the frequency and vibration increases naturally and appropriately accelerates in time with practice.

Soul Healing and Transformation is based on a principal: Heal and Transform the Soul of the issue/condition first and physical manifestation follows. 

What is Tao Song?
Tao Song is song from the Source, the Creator.
Tao Song is a Soul Song that practitioner receives from the Source and it carries the source frequency, vibration and power to bless and transform life.

The foundation of Tao Song is Soul Language and Soul Song.
Everyone can bring out their Soul Language and Soul Song.
I guide my clients and my students to bring out their Soul Language and Soul Song, so they are able to  continue to heal/transform themselves and others further and more.

Tao Dance/Movement is dance from the Source–it’s a Soul Movement.
Tao Dance/Movement is the movement guided by the Source, through the Soul of a practitioner and it carries the Source frequency, vibration and power to transform/heal the issue and condition.
I guide my clients and my students to develop their ability to do Soul Movement, this way they are able to continue to transform/heal themselves at anytime, anywhere.

In additionthis method can be implemented at Dance, Fitness Studio, Yoga and similar wellness service centersThe knowledge and wisdom consists of practical techniques that one can implement in their daily routine for their overall wellbeing, health and acceleration of energy, vigor and frequency to new, higher levels.

TAO Song & Movement can be applied to Theatrical, Musical and Performing Arts platforms, as an aid to achieving higher frequency and vibration for a better flow and coherence of movements.
It can be applied to groups or one on one, in person or remotely.

Please, Contact us for a Complimentary 20 minutes orientation, consultation and assessment session.
We will answer all your questions and the session will allow us to determine the best way we can assist you, or your clients.

The ancient and new wisdom, and practical technique with the blessing/treasures will enlighten and empower your physical and spiritual life, through the Soul Song & Soul Movement and Dance.

Thank you, it is my true desire and delight to ignite a positive turn into your and/or your client’s lives.
We would be honored to share the ancient and new wisdom and practical techniques/blessings through Song and/or Movement, which can empower and enlighten groups, and one on one settings! ~

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