Soul Light Hand Blessing Transmission

carries the highest Frequencies and Vibrations of the Source love, forgiveness, compassion & light.

The Source Soul Practitioner Hand

can transmit blessings that are effective for removal of soul, mind and body blockages, which are the root cause of conditions, and health challenges in our lives.

The negative messages, repetitive patterns, and darkness, accumulated over this and many other lifetimes are replaced with the Light–the Source Light, and
the highest frequency of Light is Love.

The process of accumulation of negative emotions, messages, repetitive patterns, and attachments causes resistance, and blockages, which in time manifest the sickness, and conditions on the physical plane.
So, through the applications of the Source Soul Light frequencies,  the negative information is transformed to the highest frequencies of the Source light, and love. When the message and frequency of the issue is changed, the majority of our physical conditions and challenges, may be resolved in the given time.

The Source Soul Light hand blessing transmission can be applied to any issue that needs transformation or healing.
It can be applied to a person, groups, nature, plants, animals, an environment, the emergency cases and is very successfully applied to transformation of Relationships and Finances.

When darkness and blockages are removed, little by little, and replaced with the highest frequencies of the Source Light, the frequency of the addressed issue changes, and becomes higher.
With further applications of the Soul Light Practitioner Hand, blessing transmissions, frequency continues to accelerate when healing and transformation happens naturally.

The Source Soul Light Hand blessing transmission is offered, one on one, in person or remotely,
and also to Groups of any size, in person or remotely.
* There is a high percentage of successful transformation for chronic conditions over 3 or more months of blessing transmissions that can be offered remotely. The acceleration happens in the most appropriate way, according to the situation and an issue.

The Source Soul Light Hand can complement and  accompany any other mode of healing and transformation in place.

Why the Soul Light Hand’s are offered?

Many ask why is the Divine, the Source so generous to offer his subdivided hand to the chosen practitioners, at this time on Mother Earth.
The Divine hands’ transmission is offered to assist Humanity to pass this challenging time of Mother Earth Transition. It is offered to help new dimensions of consciousness to prevail on Mother Earth. The Soul Light Hands are offered to assist the New Era ~ Soul Light Era which started on Aug.8’2003 to develop fully on Mother Earth.

We are truly fortunate to be living at such a significant time, at the dawn of the New Era of Light~ Soul Light Era, when things like this are possible and available.

Please Contact with us for a Complimentary 30 minutes orientation, consultation and assessment session. I will answer all your questions and the session will allow me to determine the best course of action for your specific conditions, problems and challenges.

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