OFFER #1: The Source Soul Light Hand

The Soul Light Hand carries the highest Frequencies and Vibrations of the Source love, forgiveness, compassion & light.
The Source Soul Practitioner Hand can transmit blessings that are effective for removal of soul, mind and body blockages, which are the root cause of conditions and challenges in our lives.

The negative messages, repetitive patterns, and darkness, accumulated over this and many other lifetimes are replaced with the Light–the Source Light, and
the highest frequency of Light is Love.

This process of transformation of negative messages, repetitive patterns, attachments in time cause the manifestation of sickness on the physical plane.
So, this process of transformation of darkness to highest frequencies of light and love helps in overcoming in limitations and conditions in one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

The Source Soul Light hand blessing transmission can be applied to any issue that needs transformation.
It can be applied to a person, groups, nature, plants, animals, an environment, the emergency cases and is very successfully applied to transformation of Relationships and Finances.

When darkness and blockages are removed, little by little, and replaced with light and love, frequencies of the highest source, the frequency of the addressed issue changes, and becomes higher.
With further applications of the Soul Light Practitioner Hand, blessing transmissions, frequency continues to accelerate when healing and transformation happens naturally.

The Source Soul Light Hand blessing transmission is offered, one on one, in person or remotely,
and also to Groups of any size, in person or remotely.
* There is a high percentage of successful transformation for chronic conditions over 3 or more months of blessing transmissions — there is no time limit, since frequency of the Source is limitless and the acceleration happens in the most appropriate way, according to the situation and an issue.

The Source Soul Light Hand can complement and  accompany any other mode of healing and transformation in place.


OFFER #2: The Source Field Blessing Transmission

The Source Field Calligraphy

I am honored to assist humanity at this time of great shifts, transformation, ‘calamities’, and at the same time, greatest possibilities for growth, healing,  transformation and acceleration on all levels of ones’ being; all along with Mother Earth Transition.

The Source Field 6’ original Calligraphy, created by Tao Master Healer, carries
the Source Frequency & Vibration, that can remove higher levels of negative messages, karmic patterns and obstacles from one’s soul, heart, mind and body.

When activated, it creates a very high level of Light Frequency and Vibration Field and either in person or remotely, one can immediately experience high Awareness, Nourishment, Inner Peace, harmony and more.  Contact us for personalized information on this service we offer.

Removal of negative messages and darkness happens on deep cellular levels.

OFFER #3: The Source Soul Song, Soul Dance and Movement Blessings

The Source. Soul Song and Soul Dance and Movement practice and Blessing transmissions are offered through Song and Movement.

As a Source Soul Song and Soul Dance and Movement Practitioner, I am honored to be given the Love and Light with Divine and the Source frequency and power to offer Blessings and Healing/Transformation Transmissions through Song and/or Movement.

Participant/Participants receive the Highest frequency and vibration of the Source Love, Forgiveness, Compassion and Light that can appropriately remove soul, heart, mind and body blockages from one’s physical and spiritual life and conditions.

The Source Song is the Source YIN and the Source Dance/Movement is the Source YANG. This means that the Source Song and Dance carry the Source frequency, vibration and power to balance Yin and Yang in one’s body, mind and spirit.
The Source Oneness practice is created which can transforms health, relationships, finances, intelligence and brings success to every aspect of life. Contact us for personalized information on your specific request.


OFFER #4: Soul, Mind, Body Teacher Practitioner

I am honored to be a Certified Soul, Mind and  Body Teacher Practitioner, and I am available to share and teach, the profound ancient and new Wisdom, and Practical techniques to empower people in their transformation, self-healinghealing others and assist them on their acceleration path to the ultimate goal of everyone’s Journey, which is to reach Soul, Mind, and Body Enlightenment.

My purpose in Life is to support others, and help them grow, expand and accelerate on their physical and spiritual journeys.

Please contact me, I am driven to share all I have experienced and learned throughout decades of my studding spiritual, and physical life’s wisdom, knowledge and practical techniques.

Teachings are universal, and I carry sincere desire to open the hearts and minds of others to their own highest potential, through ancient and new wisdom, practical techniques, blessings and my own life’s experience, which is very versatile and adaptable according to the settings.

Please, Connect with Soul Light Universal about the opportunity to spread Soul, Mind and Body wisdom, and practical Teachings to others in order to assist more people on their Transformation, and an Acceleration path, at this monumental time on Mother Earth.
Let us join our Hearts together to awaken and to support more people.

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