About our Alternative Therapy ~

Our Alternative medicine and therapy may help you remove Soul, Heart, Mind & Body blockages, increase your Frequency and Vibration, heal, and prevent sickness, prolong your Life.

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Remove blockages, raise your Frequency & Vibration, heal and prevent sickness, prolong your life

Soul Light Universal Alternative therapy and methods are designed, to ignite the Light within oneself, and to assist as many people as possible to connect to the Source within, and with the Source within everyone and everything, Alternative Health Therapy Alternative Therapy
Our mission is to help others remove blockages from their soul, heart, mind and body and help as many people to expand their consciousness and the potential powers of their being.

When blockages from ones’ soul, heart, mind and body are removed, frequency is automatically raised. When frequency changes, and one starts vibrating at the rate, and in the way that is closely aligned with ones innate potential, everything changes.

We are located in New York City, and we’re here to assist your transformation, and your acceleration, in person and globally, 24/7 via Skype, telephone, or email.  LEARN MORE

Our Alternative medicine and therapy niche is a ‘Wisdom Sword Light’, that penetrates any and all obstacles accumulated over this and previous lifetimes.

Our Alternative medicine and therapy ‘Wisdom Fruit Light’
consists of Soul Healing blessing transmissions, the ancient and new wisdom and practical techniques, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Soul Power techniques and wisdom.

The wisdom, practical techniques and blessing transmissions are meant to remove obstacles and negative messages, and to initiate and assist you to bring out your original, true, Soul’ Light and frequency. Alternative Therapy

Your original unique frequency and message will come to life through soul healing blessing transmissions, purification process, practical techniques and through recognizing and overcoming any limitations accumulated during your lives’ experiences. Alternative Therapy-Body-Spirit-Enlightenment-Self-Healing-Healing-others
Our Six principles of perfection when implemented and practiced are proven to bring healing, transformation and greatest rewards to one’ physical and spiritual life, they are:
Generosity, Ethics, Patience, Perseverance, Concentration and Wisdom that has no boundaries. Alternative

Using our alternative medicine, therapy and methods, we can help you Purify any negative actions and/or deeds and transform them into your unique message and original true Light, your Gold, and your Soul Star Matrix, which has been created only once and it’s now ready to Unify and be fully realized. Soul Light Universal Tat Jane Bego Vic  Alternative Medicine -Practice  NewYork City NY  Holistic Healing

‘TAT’ is used as a metaphor that in Sanskrit means ‘Wisdom Boundless as Space is’, ‘Thou Art’, ‘True  Consciousness’, ‘Self illuminate’, ‘Fallen from Heaven’,’Reality with no divisions’, ‘Space treasury’.

‘TAT’ also symbolizes Truth, true consciousness, intuition, knowledge, perfect memory, so, we will attempt to bring these attributes to your life.

To reach the ‘TAT’ state is to know that we are all One and part of one gigantic quantum energy field, all people are Lovable, all situations are for the Highest goodthere is an immense Light available everywhere and in everything–you can turn it into Love ~ Gold, your Gold. Alternative Therapy Holistic Health Therapy Soul Light Universal
Please contact us, for a Complementary 30 minute orientation, consultation and assessment session. I will answer all your questions and the session will allow me to determine the best course of action for your specific conditions, problems and challenges. Soul Light Universal New York City Tat Jane Bego Vic Alternative Medicine–Therapy and Practice, Practitioner