#Soul #Light #Hand #healing/blessing for #life #transformation

#Soul #Light #Hand is our high frequency Light #healing/blessing–an Alternative therapy. It is applied to treat common conditions, and to life’s challenges,
The Soul Light Hand carries high frequencies of Light and it is transmitted through healing/blessings.  When we implement the soul-light hand for healing/blessing, the high light frequencies penetrate the physical manifestation of imbalance. Depending on a condition, one, couple, or several transmissions of light result in the removal of the main blockages that caused the issue.

Therefore, through applications of high frequencies light transmissions, we can help with many physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions.
Besides, the high frequencies of the Soul Light Hand blessing transmissions can prevent sickness, rejuvenate your body, and ultimately prolong your life.
Soul Light Practitioner hand carries the high frequencies and qualities of four major Universal forces. They are: the Source and the Soul Light, Love, Forgiveness, and Compassion.

What does this mean how do these high frequency universal forces can impact your healing, transformation, and acceleration journey? To illustrate, I’ll give you real-life examples.

When your heart is open, you experience unconditional Love towards a condition you experience, your resistance is melted away. After this, healing can take place.
Furthermore, the high frequencies of unconditional Forgiveness open your heart further and create inner peace with what is. Then your hope and beliefs increase.

Finally, the frequencies of an unconditional Compassion boost your willpower, energy, vitality, and your stamina.

For this reason, the high frequency transmissions of four major Universal forces, are essential for healing process.

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