I am honored to be a Certified Soul, Mind and  Body Teacher Practitioner, and I am available to share and teach, the profound ancient and new wisdom, and practical techniques to empower people in their transformation, self-healinghealing others and assist them on their acceleration path to the ultimate goal of everyone’s Journey, which is to reach Soul, Mind, and Body Enlightenment.

The purpose of my life is to support and help others grow, expand and accelerate on their physical and spiritual journeys.

Please connect with me, I would like to assist your journey with all I have experienced and learned throughout decades of my studying spiritual, and physical life’s wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques.

Teachings are universal, and I carry sincere desire to open the hearts and minds of others to their own highest potential, through ancient and new wisdom, practical techniques, blessings and my own life’s experience, which is very versatile and adaptable according to the settings.

 Connect Soul Light Universal–Alternative Therapy about the opportunity to spread Soul, Mind and Body wisdom, and practical teachings to others, and assist more people on their transformation, and an acceleration path, and this monumental time on Mother Earth.

Let us join our Hearts together to awaken and to support more people.


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