The Manual For Humanity Thriving In The New Earth -Black & White-

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A book the manual, 270 pages pf pure essence to help you be your highest potential in the current times, no matter the circumstances and where you are in the world. With six black & white illustrations.

The Manual For Humanity Thriving In The New Earth contains essential wisdom for the current new phase of our human evolution to the next level.

What and why is happening in our New Reality is thoroughly explained, and how we can adjust to align and benefit from these monumental changes and times, designed for our acceleration and moving forward to the higher states of consciousness and awareness.

Mother Earth’s frequency has changed, and it is accelerating rapidly. The higher frequencies of light are available to humanity and all beings. There is a need for adjustments to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies to be aligned and in harmony with the current global alteration of consciousness.
Together with all planets, stars, galaxies, and universes, we are on the acceleration path.
It is a process of rebirth and reconstruction for all. 

Exactly, through a shift from solely the mind to the heart-based consciousness and awareness, in every moment, we are liberated and in alignment with the parameters of the New Earth.
Our lighter and brighter frequency is a product of the heart center awareness moment to moment in this new realm.
It is evident, our evolution collectively and individually depends on how much love we have in our hearts towards others and ourselves.
The fact is everything we need to evolve is already within us. 

‘The Manual For Humanity Thriving In The New Earth’ contains knowledge, wisdom, and practices to assist the process of our unification within and mastering the physical plane when gliding to the higher states of consciousness and awareness happens naturally.

Let us join hearts and souls together through wisdom, understanding, and cooperation in creating a better world and our new reality to be an opportunity for all.



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1 review for The Manual For Humanity Thriving In The New Earth -Black & White-

  1. Richard Hudson

    Informative concepts and insights, explanations and exercises, for expanding consciousness and living in harmony and alignment with the current times.

    • tjbego

      How great Richard, thank you, and best of luck with your explorations in the New Earth. Much Love ~ ~ ~

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