11″X17″ Poster of the Bego Art Designs To Choose From


All Bego Art Designs Posters are original paintings and digital art prints on the medium-light poster paper.
We have 17 designs that you can choose from and view each by clicking on the variation-the name in the drop-down menu of this product.
Once you click on the name of the Poster variation, the display will change to the poster you selected. Depends on the monitor, scroll up a bit if necessary to view.
or for example:

The print posters are $12.95 including shipping for all designs within the USA. If you are elsewhere, please let us know where you are, so we can determine shipping cost for you.

These are high-quality prints and each speaks for itself. They are vivid in color, high energy,and look fantastic whether just hung, mounted or framed on the wall.

Happy viewing and enjoy and benefit from the Bego Art Design Poster of your choice!


We thought that you would like to know how these paintings came about?

My sister and I were living on the UWS of Manhattan at the time in the mid-nineties.
We were both aspiring artists, she was a painter and an architect too. I was a singer-songwriter studying school of design.

One day, during our usual conversation about the vivid art scene in NYC, we came up with the idea that it would be good to create Art that would be beautiful but also help people focus and connect them to the source within.
In other words, the Art that would uplift the viewer by generating energy and focus. We called it the Bego Energizing Art.

My sister came up with twenty or more variations of the first Energizers.
Some were sold and collected by people at the time, many were photographed so they are still alive and available in this online store. In the 11″X17″ print form via this product.

Some of the Bego Energizers are available as high-quality digital downloads, you can print them in any size you’d like, here, and more in our store on Etsy:


More products including our book for your acceleration are available in this store

and on Amazon books

Please, share your thoughts and experience with our Bego Energizing Art.
Also, let me know if you have more questions about this product or anything else.

I am looking forward to being in contact with you,

Tat Jane co-founder of the Bego Energizing Art and founder of Soul Light Universal

Additional information

Available Designs

American Cube, Money Energizer, Dragon Energizer, Da Vinci Energizer, Einstein Energizer, Magnet Energizer, Poppy Energizer, Lotus Energizer, Pythagoras Energizer, Mozart Energizer, Manhattan Energizer, Your Portrait Energizer, Green Flag Energizer, B&W Flag Energizer, Americana Energizer, Presidents Energizer, 12-Chakra Poster


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