#10-15 #minutes/per day to #Transformation-#Healing

#Movement and #Dance led by our #heart is an expression of our innate being and our higher-self light.
Since our heart is a bridge to our soul we get to experience our most precious feelings and emotions within and in the now moment. This allows our physical, mental, emotional bodies to let go and release strain and attachments of our busy lives.

While soul dancing/or movement, our entire body is involved and receives benefits, physical, the emotional, mental, and spiritual body are nourished through this light from within, and the Divine–the Source.
Furthermore, we experience a strong connection and communication with the Creator.
The heart and Soul movements are the Divine–Source delight, which we experienced through progressive building up of feelings of #Joy within us.

The more we dance, the more we become aware of this connection. We can receive many, pure messages from the Divine–Source, and our higher self.

There are more benefits to heart and soul-movement and dance.

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