Artist Statement #Tat #Jane Bego Vic

#Artist #Statement for #Synopsis for
“Kingdom Is With You”
As a multi-level artist, I breathe the expression through my heart in every now moment. The pictures are painted through the words, the sound, or through the visions of my love with life. This compilation of songs and the storyline is inspired by people and events throughout my evolution and day-to-day living in one of the most amazing cities in the world, NYC. Hence, the eyes of love I desire to transmit for all to experience, see, and feel, one life explicitly lived in the name of love, morality, and beauty.
Please, enjoy and feel the joy and bliss through my undertaking.
My highest purpose is to expand the consciousness and awareness of humanity to ever-present possibilities within them and within the outside world. Ultimately, with my work, I desire to bring as many people possible to their highest potential and purpose through igniting the light and love within their hearts.
It is time to join the forces together to co-create the new earth and our reality based on love, care, and cooperation.

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