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Artist Short Bio:
My name is Tat-Jane, I am a multi-level artist, living in NYC for most of my life.

The city’s energy, passion, and multi-cultural environment opened my heart and inspired me in every way.
My journey started as being a singer/songwriter and performer.
I have a desire and my higher-self calling and purpose to uplift the spirit of others.
In this way, to assist many in expanding and liberating their consciousness and awareness, recognizing and overcoming the limitations of their current state and leading them to their higher-self potential through music, dance, and performing arts. This is my passion.

I am very enthusiastic about increasing awareness of the importance of arts in today’s world.
With this submission, I am introducing a compilation of fifteen songs with an adventure storyline to it. Currently, I am looking for funding and production in any of the genres, musical, documentary, film, or series.
Thank you for your consideration.

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