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Dance and Movement are well know for their benefits to humanity for centuries.
We teach the Heart & Soul Movement and Dance. In it’s core it’s a movement guided by the soul’s expression, through the heart. 
In other words, the participants demonstrate, and reveal their current state through their soul’s movement or dance. 
We guide them to bring out their soul’s movement/dance, by opening and expanding their heart center. 
This is just a beginning of the healing process.
One of the characteristics of the soul is to experience a great reliefs  through dance and movement.  
A lots of blockages from one’s life dissipate when the heart, and soul take over the mind though movement/dance.  People feel the release from anxiety or distress, that quickly transforms to a state of calmness, ease and reassurance. 
No wonder, since one of the main characteristics of the soul, it is that of its healing power. 
Therefore, soul movement and dance, by nature, they have healing, blessing power.
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Movement/Dance Therapy Healing Blessing

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