Heaven on Earth, Soul Movement and Dance, Enter 5D Consciousness

What is Soul Dance and Movement?

Soul Dance and Movement is revolutionary wisdom and practice of Soul Power teachings. Thus, movements guided by the heart and soul can assist in our healing, rejuvenation, acceleration, and longevity path.
Evidently, through soul dance and movement, we can easily access the 4D, 5D consciousness, and higher awareness in our lives.

Consequently, through the practice of soul guided movement, we experience peace and content, Heaven on Earth, at this significant time and many upheavals within our inner and outer world.

The practice proceeds from far-ancient times, and then Chinese Traditional Medicine used it when it is revived again in Soul Power teachings and techniques.

The Soul movement and dance are movements guided exclusively by our soul. Consequently, it is an expression of our souls’ frequency in action.
For this reason, it is very pure, untouched by a logical mind; it is a connection with our higher-selves expression, through the heart, at the moment.

Because our higher-self aspect is an expression of Divine Source within us, so it is a sacred practice, and we radiate divine love, gratitude, and devotion throughout our whole body.
Also, through soul movement, we emit divine healing, the expansion, and unification throughout our whole being and out to the world.
The soul movement has a significant self-healing and uplifting others effect.

Considering the above traits of soul movement and dance are also bringing higher frequencies of divine pure love and light to everyone around us, our community, and Mother Earth. That makes us active participants in accelerating the frequency on our planet and creating Heaven on Earth frequency and vibration for everyone and everything.

Our Evolution Through Movement’s Guided by the Heart and Soul

Consenquently, the soul movement and dance by its nature will have a significant place in humans evolved to the next levels of consciousness and awareness. 

Many people will enter and understand the notion, course, and significance of the new era, and our new reality, more spontaneously through their movement guided by the heart and soul.
The needed shift in the consciousness and awareness of many can happen sort of effortlessly and naturally. 
Therefore, the release through soul movement and dance is one of the top tools for awakening and manifesting more of our abilities in this far-ancient era return. Here, we have our soul in action, taking lead through the heart and movement, ushering our qualities in the Soul Light Era.   

While we soul dance, we can also feel that we are not alone. If our spiritual channels are open, we can see/feel other souls are dancing with us. 
That is first because of the Divine and the presence of the heavens through our higher self aspect. Secondly, as any ancient technique, performed in many different epochs, it carries the spirit and power of those times.  

Bringing Heaven to Earth through Soul Movement and Dance

#Heaven on #Earth frequency, Soul Dance brings #5D #Cosciousness
Bringing Higher & 5D Consciousness to Earth

 What is unique about this soul power technique is that the movements are directed only by our soul, the soul of the dance, and the moment itself.
Therefore, connected like this and in unison through our hearts, we can receive messages that are tailored for our acceleration journey at that moment we soul dance.
In other words, due to an expression deriving from our essence, through the heart, we are receiving unique guidance from our soul, and our spiritual fathers and mothers that are unique to our journey
Consequently, soul dance/movement is a form of communication between the higher realms of spirit and us in action, through divine love. 

Communication happens spontaneously and in the flow of the movement or dance. You can experience the feelings of realization or knowingness about a particular aspect of your life.
So, do not force or expect messages. They come effortlessly and as a result of your love and surrender in the moment of soul dance. You might hear the word or two, maybe see the image in your mind eye. In any way, guidance and messages come as a reflection of your devotion to the task at that moment.

Therefore, our feelings of love, gratitude, compassion, and more set forth by soul dance are bringing Heaven frequency and light through us to Earth. 
Thus, we are the vehicles for many others on Earth and their awakening at these times of upheavals and our transition to higher realms of consciousness.

What Are the Key Points In Soul Dancing?

The key point for soul movement and dance is to allow the body and hands to move freely and in the flow as an expression of our heart and soul. We avoid logical thinking and the mind tendency to interrupt the flow by directing the movement. 

This takes practice and being patient with us and the task at hand.
In other words, allowing the time for your soul, mind, and body to integrate this new approach and behavior. 
If you notice that mind’s directing or editing how you should move, just bring the focus back to your heart. This conscious shift in focus will allow your heart to take the lead back to the soul’s expression. 

 It is enough to keep in mind that editing of the movement/dance will stop the flow and healing power of your dance. Therefore, it does not matter what movements you make, as long as they are an expression, in the flow, of heart and soul they will help your healing and accelerate. 

Invocation To A Soul Dance Practice Healthy, Or Bed Or Chair Bound

Thirdly, we do a simple invocation to direct our soul to perform the movement or dance.
Dear my beloved soul, please guide my movements/dance to remove the blockages from my _____
state your request, or simply say from my life and my journey. Thank you.”
Thank your soul in advance and send some love to your soul.
Naturally, you can ask for any specific healing, transformation, or rejuvenation in life or the aspect of life.

After the invocation just start moving with grace and ease, flow your feelings. Paint the picture and what you feel through your movement.

Keep in mind if you are ill in bed or chair bound, you can still receive the benefits and healing from soul dance and movement, without moving.
Looking from the power of the soul perspective, you can sit in the chair and ask your soul and the souls of your cells, organs and systems to begin the soul movement for 5-10 minutes.

The invocation when you are ill would sound like this:
“Dear all my cells, cell units, and the systems of my body, I love you, please, move to promote energy and blood flow through my body.”
Or you can say, please, move to remove blockages from my _____ to heal and rejuvenate faster (you can invoke any organ or aspect of your choice). Thank you.
Always thank and send the love to your soul

When you finish the invocation, sit quietly for 5-10 minutes and visualize and feel your cells happily moving, oscilating, and your whole body is vibrating golden light. You will be surprised what a transformation and healing you can achieve with this simple exercise when terminally ill.

Trusting Your Soul in Action Because It Knows

In both instances, trust your soul because it knows how to move your body to promote healing and transformation for you. Relax and let the soul lead the way to your next level of consciousness and awareness, because it knows how best to assist you. 
This method is from far-ancient times and much more than 500 years old, serving many to their unification and transformation within.

Additionally, staying in the feeling of love and gratitude for your journey and the dance of your soul is a great way to be in a flow of the heart and soul. 
Awareness of the moment, body, and hands movements is what we want and will increase in time. Being more aware is part of the process leading to our acceleration and expansion in all aspects of life.

So, do not judge your moves and dance. Stay focused within and on the point of the practice that is to release negative emotions, feelings, and any attachments from your body, mind, and spirit to help you move forward in life.
Often being practical and brave in what we do is essential for our growth and necessary change in life.

#Soul #Dance and #Movement brings 5D frequency and higher states of #consciousness to Mother Earth
Besides healing, transformation, rejuvenation Soul Movement, Dance brings 5D and higher states of consciousness and awareness Through our hearts and movement in the Now we’re raising frequency and vibration of our whole being.

Benefits of Soul Dance or Soul Movement

It is amazing to acknowledge that something so enjoyable and uplifting as soul movement/dance is, has many benefits for our life.
In my experience and since I started releasing my negative feelings and emotions through Soul Dance, I have experienced a rebirth.
I have completely healed and at this time of my journey, I am in the escalation process on all levels.
So, as though the list can be long, I will point out some main benefits

Firstly, the healing takes place in the area of our lives and character where we need to change the most. No wonder, our soul knows best where do we have most blockages. 

These blockages accumulated from our negative mindsets, beliefs, and attachments will go first. Negative memories, traumas, and unpleasant experiences will heal through the opening of the heart while soul dancing.
Your soul dance will transform any darkness within you to the light of your heart and soul fast.
You will notice that your body feels lighter and more flexible due to the release of negative dense energy and matter from your system.

Unification in a Condition of Love and Gratitude Through Soul Movement and Dance

I mentioned earlier, that soul movement impacts our whole body.
Our all systems, organs, the cells start vibrating and radiating the higher frequencies of light generated through our soul dance.
The more of the negative energy and matter from our body we release, the more vibrant, and more flexible we become. When one day we know, we’re healed and restored to our original potential.

This is the truth, as soon as we let go and move in the condition and the flow of our heart and soul, healing will escalate fast.
After we heal, our body’s frequency starts to increase further and unification process within and with outer world begins.
You can be surprised how fast your immediate blockages will be removed. In less than one year you’ll be amazed by the progress in all areas of life.

I know this transformation happens because we are allowing the heart and soul to express our selves, without constant demands from our minds. This is very healing.
It is the new perception and dimension for life that we acquire through the process of soul movement and dance.

At these times of turmoil in our society, many people are becoming more rigid in their bodies. This stiffness comes mostly from the mind’s desire to control, our negative attitudes, believes, and attachments to something, rather then what already is.
These negativities can be released through 5-10 minutes/per day of soul movement or dance.
Even if the soul dance may have more benefits than the soul movement, because of the possibly a greater flow through dance. Both, the soul movement or dance are very effective for removing the rigidness and negative feelings, emotions, and more from our systems.


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Boost Energy, Vitality, Stamina, and Immunity for Life’s Demands

The next great benefit is that our energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity is increased through soul movement. 
We know that our energy and matter, for this fact, are created by our cells’ constant vibration. When the cells contract, they generate energy, and when they expand, the matter is produced.

 We are in good health when this energy and matter transformation is in proximate balance. For example, if we experience weakness or tiredness our energy and matter transformation is impaired. Similarly, if we have inflammation, cyst, or tumor we have an excess of energy in that part of the body, again our cellular vibration is impaired.

 The soul movement/dance can stabilize and normalize the cellular vibration and our energy to move freely throughout the body. 

Once we heal, our energy, vitality, and immunity are boosted and promoted, through this enjoyable act, the acceleration begins.

In Conclusion

Through our #Higher-#Self #aspects #love, #gratitude we evolve fast to #5D and higher
Through our Soul’s Higher-Self aspect,
Love & Gratitude in action we evolve

There are more benefits to soul movement and dance.
In the next blog article, I will provide the formula and a basic invocations for different aspects and faster progress.
Now, I’d like to remind you that there are no limits in the amount of light or frequency we can hold. So we’re on an acceleration journey for our lifetime.
All we evolve through our hearts and soul, on any way, it stays with our soul for eternity.
Therefore, start releasing your negative emotions and attachments to something rather than the ever-present glorious Now moment, through your heart in action.
Let us bring and share our Light and Love with Mother Earth and others, in every way we know. With love, Tat Jane

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