PINK is the Color of My Dream, Don’t Ask Me WHY, Just Imagine Pink Steam Coming into the SCENE

… In the darkest nights, we can always find the PINK-LIT road, coming straight out of our Hearts.
This is all we’ll ever need for all new Beginnings and the new Ends. 

PINK is the Color of My Dream, Don't Ask Me WHY
Central Park Reservoir’s Pink Steam Scene, June 21, 2018

In these times of great celebration of Liberty, Freedom, Trust, and Truth in United States, we always have to turn into our own hearts and souls, to go deeper and hear what is the real truth of our eternal light source being, within us. 
What is that we always intended to bring forth; throughout our lifetime, activities, and is daily inputs we lead.
We also Trust that we’re hearing the true messages of our hearts and souls.

Notice, I haven’t mention the minds, since our minds only know what we have experienced, learned, what we’ve been served with, throughout this lifetime, which is very limited and has no real depth. 

So, to know the Truth, we have to go deeper, into our hearts, our hearts are the Golden Bridge to our souls’ specious wisdom, the intelligence, and knowledge.
This source of information, available to us is inexplicably more extensive, far-reaching, and all-embracing our potential powers. 

Grateful Hearts are Joyful Hearts

I know one thing that can bring us to the Magic of our heart and soul. It is a feeling of Gratitude that creates the magic and opens our heart completely.
Brings Joy, Joyful hearts are grateful hearts.

When thinking of the things already in our lives that we are grateful for, the Universe never fails, but gives us more things to be grateful for. In this instance gives us more Inspiration and more Magic we can thrive upon.

The time in now for people to start regaining the power within their hearts and souls.
We trust more that our power is within us, and it’s not and never was somewhere outside. Remembering to drive upon the magic within because it’s there.

Bringing the Fairy-Tails Magic In

Remember from the childhood the fairy-tales, and the Light that will always prevail at last.
We have to be stronger in our beliefs and to trust our notion, our Light within more then anything else. We are meant to follow our callings.

It can get confusing at times, and it ‘takes a village for the change to take place’
but Let Us be the beacons of Light, our own unique frequency of light! 
We all just need to awaken our true potential powers within, our eternal light being, which is the Source and the Divine’s light within us.
So, believe in and never doubt your special Light frequency and message.
Trust in yourselves.
Our True self is the Divine—the Source within us, once we connect to that true light force within, there is no more fear, the doubt, it’s only Love and Light.

Keeping moving forward by adding to our Love, the Light, the Trust. Remembering it is not only ours, it’s for all to enjoy and to have a piece of our special Pie.

The Kingdom is within us and all is possible and attainable when we’re firmly connected to our Truth, our Light, and Love within.


'Pink Steam' song by Tat Jane Bego Vic
Inspiration Audio/Video





Pink is the color of my dream,
Don’t ask me why
Just imagine Pink Steam
coming into the scene.

Dream started father and I
in front of the TV
prairies veiled in pink
from the smoke of the
hot land in dusk
When everything stops
For moment or two
and you hear the Spirit
telling you
Never be afraid of anything
if you’re not, the Kingdom is with you.

Our eyes crossed, I lock the pink scene
Peace of this moment, always lives in me
Pink sky, wide land, the horizon in between
Stays in my memory.

Here I am in the promise land
and at the time of Be or not to Be
Pink steam come from the memory
Enter into me
and form just one empty Pink scene.

Soon, the dream is breaking in
smoothly entering the scene.

Let the pink steam come to your machine
once you let the pink steam coming into the scene.
Imagine Pink steam coming into the scene.

Now, I activate my Pink Steam
towards any scene
I veiled it in Pink
I let Love work in.

Yes, Love brings the balance back
Between Dream and Realty;
Perfect Love has no Fear
Silent rule from the memory.

The life is easy pleasant way to be
I have my Pink steam and my Dream
One big, big pink scene.

in LoVe and Light … Tat Jane

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