The New Era–the Age of Every Soul Light and Purpose

We are living in a New Era–the Soul Light Era. As the name illustrates, it’s the age of every soul light.
That is to say, in the next 15 000 years span, humanity will have the opportunity to develop a 
myriad  of our unique soul abilities, and virtues.  

For that matter, it is a perfect time, to getting used to performing a spiritual and the energy practices, to advance faster.
When we’re connected to our essence, we advance in every now moment.
This is also the way to transform our physical form, to a lighter version, filled with pure light and love.
This is how we evolve. Firstly, we heal,  then we transform, after we purify our hearts and souls in order to enlighten them.

When we operate in our lives through our essence–the heart center which is directly connected to our original soul’s light we’re living our truth.

In other words when we’re connected and aligned with this light-being within, through our heart, every aspect of our life flourishes.

For this reason, the new era is also called return of the golden age on earth which is absolutely possible when all beings are connected to their essence and highest purpose in love and gratitude.

Humanity’s Shift to a ‘Book of Life’ through the Union Within, through the Heart

To be exact, it is the end of book of ‘good and evil’ and the duality concept on Earth.
Humanity consciousness is shifting to the ‘book of life’, when true Union happens. The bride, the heart and soul, meets the groom–the mind.
Beyond the duality notion all things are possible and achievable.

It’s the return to the Union of Love–the Divine feminine, that nurtures and fulfills everything that mind conceives. (the Divine masculine).
Our true power is in our soul power, through the heart.

Practical Technique to Connect to Power from Within

With this in mind, I am introducing the SOUL CHANNEL Practical technique which can initiate and establish the connection to our soul.
Our eternal soul is our golden ticket for our evolution to the next levels

Due to very high frequencies of light, and energetic vibrations on Earth, through aligning within and with outside world through the heart, our manifestation powers are increased.
Resulting in our potential powers to spring-out effortlessly.

Day-by-day we’re becoming the pure vehicles for our gifts, and abilities, in this way we’re benefiting to others, and our  evolution. We become the Masters in this form, as well as the role model of this Mastery to others. So, that they may experience the same.

I have recorded the soul channel practice, for you, and anyone wishing to bring-out the potential powers of their soul.
After some dedicated time, focusing, and initiating this sacred connection within, one day we know that the connection is established. It is that feeling of content within, as we have come home at last.

The Benefits of Connection to our Essence Within

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The feeling caused by opening of our heart center, and surrendering to the light and love within.
Ultimately, we align with our true-self within us.
The original light within, awakes and we become part of the whole and never separated agin.
This is the rebirth in our lives when we experience the oneness, and belonging within forevermore.
Also, our physical and spiritual journeys join as one.

Our path of discovery, and realizations continues and it’s endless, due to the fact that potential powers of every soul are endless.
For this reason we continue to connect to Othis light within, the inner being of our original truth, light and love.

Once we Master this connection, we’re connected to our essence within, 24/7.
Indeed, our essence are the Divine–the Source within us, always available, always present for our grow and evolution.
All we have to do is consciously initiate this connection and work towards becoming the Masters of it in this form.

Therefore, to receive pure messages from our heart and soul, is a crucial step for us to heal, transform, and escalate in alignment with our highest purpose and our life’s plan.

Entering into a Condition of Pure Love and Light

Additionally, the recorded practice is infused with the Source Light, Love, many Blessings through my the Divine, and the Source treasures. I’ve received them to assist others to connect to their Love, light, gratitude, and more within.

When you succeed in forgetting about yourself, and your immediate needs, during your practice time, you will go into a Condition of Love and Light–one with the Creator.
This is the ultimate goal of every practice, then your mind becomes quiet–still, and its when the heart automatically opens.

This is the moment of our Oneness with the Universe and all creation when our hearts and souls expand widely.
As one of the results, we can communicate with everyone and everything, with no barriers of time and space.

To know something, the only way is to experience it.
So, I wish you and all readers success in becoming one with your essence and potential powers of your being.

Connecting to Our Special Task and Soul’s Message

The simple chant, recorded on the video, will AWAKEN the truth of your original Light, and your unique message within.
Given, that you’ve gone into a condition, you can receive a connection to your given Task, and purpose for this lifetime.
You’ve agreed to fulfill particular task, before inhabiting this form.

We all have received the special task to fulfill, when we’re conceived. So, it is rewarding to stay connected and align with that special message or our soul.
It is like staying on the track and not loosing the sight.

Every time we do Soul Channel practice, with this Video or on our own, we are one step closer to realizing our true selves’ endless potential.

To Summarize, by connecting within and entering a condition of stillness, and quiet, we’re connecting the eternal Love and Light that is always available to us for our evolution.

Ultimately, it is powerful to accelerate with Mother Earth together, and manifest our true potential and hart’s desires!

When we practice, we purify, we take the responsibility for our life to heart, and as a good Service.
It is not only for our own benefits, but for benefit to all. Many people are looking for the acceleration, healing and transformation at this time. We become the facilitator of the higher realms of consciousness to others.

We are the co-creators of the new paradigm, and shift on Earth, bringing in the Union so desired here on Earth. So, everyone counts.

Actual Soul Activation Technique Explained

The Sounds which resonate, and vibrate the areas that form the Soul Channel, in body are:


Weng – 7th Chakra (Crown chakra–very top of our heads)

Hei – 1st Chakra (Root chakra–at the bottom of our torsos)

Hong – 3rd Chakra (Solar plexus chakra–the navel area)

You – Ming Man–the acupuncture point, straight across from navel to our back)

Imagine golden Light circulating, in the oval and spiral shapes along the Soul Channel pathway.
Connect to the light of the stars, planets, our and other universes and galaxies to receive more healing/blessings.
I have recorded an idea of the Invocation, be creative and explore your own insights.

Our individual effort plays a vital role, and benefits all beings. When we assist more people to AWAKE and to be AWARE, the higher frequencies of light are available to all, here on Earth, and in all Universes.

Use this opportunity, and this moment in time, to succeed in your growth, healing and transformation journey.

Please, know you are Loved always, completely and Unconditionally by the Divine, and the Source! 

in Eternal LoVe & Light, Tat Jane

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