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Revolution Of Humanity’s Consciousness

The true revolution is for people on earth to realize and declare the potential powers of their being. The power of one soul is the most powerful power than any other.
This is the very reason, it was manipulated and refocused by individuals and institutions over the centuries and epochs.

Many people and groups in the past and still, knowing this truth of the potential power of humankind, would succeed in taking this power from people and in this way control the outcomes to their advantage.
In the New Earth, though, this will completely come to light, an end, and be revealed, opening all the avenues for collective and individual advancement.
The events that we live in today, and globally, are leading to this necessary revolution in humanity’s consciousness. That is the shift of mass consciousness to this inner knowing of the truth that would allow human elevation to the next levels.
This realization in our collective consciousness is the part of the Awakening, Ascension, and Revolution into the New Earth, and the New Era of Light.

Accessing And Revolutionizing Your Abilities

The second part of the revolution is developing the light within the self and in this way of the collective. The highest frequency of light is love. Therefore, the revolution/the ascension is closely connected to the amount of love we carry in our hearts for ourselves and others.
Those, who do not have self-love and in this way for the other will be left behind. They will not ascend and evolve to the higher levels of consciousness and awareness.
This makes the current revolution, refocus from the mind-based reality to the heart-centered experiences of the moment in time.

Connect to your essence, gifts, and higher purpose by activating your #Soul #Channel.
Bring on your potential by activating your
Soul Channel

We are developing the power of our souls, through the heart center, looking within much less to the outside world.
Looking within is the only way we can develop our potential. In other words, take our given gifts and abilities to the next level and assist our soul to evolve.
Our soul, the wise, eternal being within has all the answers on how best we can revolutionize our life and our collective.

So, instead of listening to the outside noise and redundant, misleading narrative, spend more time looking within where your source is. This is our human evolution and revolution to the next phase and chapter, the next level.
We are building the new earth that is to be based on love, care, cooperation, and our unique inputs.
Know, as the sun shines today, we will all have the opportunity to express, live, and grow our unique message and traits in the New Earth and Era.
The new era is the timeline of every soul’s light, purpose, and potential. Be sure of this, and start getting ready in your specific domain and how you can contribute to this new coming environment and paradigm.

Revolutionary Technique To Boost The Power Of Your Soul

To help you believe and increase the faith in the power of your soul and potential, I will share the revolutionary technique. I learned this wisdom while studying Soul Healing and Enlightenment and it assisted me extensively in bringing my soul’s abilities, also the purification, acceleration, and awakening journey.

Following the essence of this technique and its implementation is vast and can help you achieve your transformation, goals, and heart’s desires more quickly. 

It is so simple that you may think I cannot believe that something so simple can impact, heal, and change my life. 

Know that the simplest things are the most powerful and life-changing. 
There is an ancient saying, resonating with this truth: 

The Big Way Is Extremely Simple. 
So, I suggest that you pay attention, as this self-transformation and empowerment method can move your transformation, acceleration, as well as a healing process to a different level.

The Soul Orders Wisdom

It is also proceeding from the Soul Power wisdom and knowledge that everything has a soul.

 All the inanimate and animate things and beings have souls, including our organs, systems, cells, nucleolus, protons, and tiniest matter they have souls. 

Similarly, any aspect of life, such as our characteristics, health, finances, and relationships they have a soul, too. 

 There are also outer souls of the Divine, the Source, our spiritual fathers and mothers, holy beings, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, healing angels, and more they have the soul too.

 Additionally, which is the crux of this technique is that we can give an order to our souls and souls of anything regarding and concerning our lives, and us directly. 

 Therefore, the method is called Soul Orders. 

What Is Not To Do

 Also, it is essential to keep in mind that we cannot give an order for healing or transformation to the soul of others and their concerns. 

 You do not give a soul order to others simply because given an order to others is creating negative karma. Also, you do not know their soul standing, and whether it is higher than yours. Only appointed spiritual masters can give a soul order to others, and only if approved by that soul.

In other words, you can create negative blockages for your lifetimes if you give an order to other souls. Giving an order to the soul without their consent is breaching the spiritual law. Those who don’t know or have this simple wisdom and don’t live by it will endure consequences.
Of course, you can always do a forgiveness practice, sing mantras for others to evolve and do soul-to-soul healing techniques by omitting Soul Orders.
So, the following technique is for your use to transform, heal, and benefit your life in any way you can imagine.

The following invocation is the model of Soul Orders you can give for any of your concerns or challenges. 

 Therefore, we invoke the soul of anything we would like to improve or have an issue with and send an order for transformation. 

It is a five-step process:.  
1. First, invoke the soul of an issue and what you would like to transform. 
2. Give love to it.  
3. Send the order for transformation.
4. Express appreciation from your heart by thanking your soul in advance. 
5. Repeat the order with sincerity and conviction 3 times at the time.

Set Yourself Free From Worry Or Fear

For instance, if you would like to evolve by setting yourself free from fear and worry, the invocation would sound like this.

Dear my body soul. I love you. Give an order to the soul of my fear and worry to heal and transform. Thank you. 
Then you activate the order:

My body soul orders the souls of my fear and worries to heal and transform into the light. Thank you

Now, repeat the order 3 times with great conviction.

My body soul orders the soul of my fears and worry to heal and transform into
the light. Thank you my soul.

or simply say:
The Soul Order to my fears transform to light. Thank you.

*Repeat the Soul Order anytime you have a moment in a group of 3 times repetition.

Boosting The Power Of The Soul Order

If you want to increase the power of your orderinvoke the outer soul of the Divine, the Source, Universe, or any of your spirit guides, saints, ascended masters, angels you feel connected. 

 Dear Divine, I love you. Please, heal my fear and worry and help me transforme them into courage and integrity. I am very grateful, Thank you.

After you invoked the inner and outer souls you can repeat the Soul Order for 3 times by visualizing a golden light, in the area of your request.
A bright golden sphere of light is emanating from your heart, also.The heart is our transformation and healing center, therefore, we focus on the heart to transform any issue. 

Repeat the order with conviction for 3 times at the time.
If you have time, it’s not necessary, repeat the Soul Order for longer 3 minutes or so, there is no time limit. 
Also, you can simplify the order by saying:

The Soul Order to my fears heal your self and transform to light frequency . Do a good job, thank you. 
Divine is healing and transforming my fears into courage. Thank you, Divine.

Experience The True Power Of Your Soul

 Contemplate and be creative with this soul wisdom technique. 

This is the way we can empower our souls or any soul of our features, aspects of life, or issues we experience, to evolve and transform. 

Also, this is the way to start benefiting and experiencing the true power of your soul that is the real-time revolution and evolution for you and all of us. 

With Soul Orders, we can instigate any transformation in our lives through our unique souls’ power and frequency. The more we believe the more benefits we receive.

I hope for you, my beautiful readers, to benefit from the Soul Orders as much as I did on my healing and acceleration journey. 

And so it is. In Love and Light! TJ

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