The acceleration, awakening, and our collective ascension on all levels continues in the well-ordered flow of the cosmos.
The Ascension grid exists around and sixty miles above Earth’s atmosphere to help humanity in the process of our awakening globally.

Planet Earth has a significant place in this global evolution process, and it must evolve to the higher dimensions of consciousness, together with countless planets, stars, galaxies, and universes.
Due to our human struggles, through pandemic and beyond upheavals, at this critical time, we are assisted by the Ascended Masters and other advanced light beings of the universe through this high-frequency light matrix.
Many people are perplexed and dumfound in the net of fear, separation, and restriction based awareness. These boundaries have to resolve, and human consciousness must expand for us to evolve to the next levels. Therefore, the Ascension grid is here to assist this cosmic reset and further our evolution.

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