#Ascension #Activation #Practice

Working with the #Ascension #Grid The #Activation #Meditation #Practice

In essence, we will #connect our body through #energy #centers with the Ascension grid to receive #upgrades to our current state.

Stand up straight. You can also sit in a chair or on the floor. Make sure your spine is straight and away from any surface, allowing light to flow.
Relax. Take a few deep breaths to your lower abdomen and slowly exhale. On the exhale, imagine all you do not need is leaving you and relaxing you even more.
Begin by inviting all #lightworkers of the world and #humanity to join the practice and accelerate with you.
Visualize everyone as a myriad of light bulbs around the globe in #meditation together.
Send the grounding cord of light to the core of Mother Earth.
The crystal core of the earth is responding by sending love and light to your #Earth #Star #chakra.
At the same time, visualize the light force of the universe through your cosmic portal is coming down.
#Shiva/Shakti, creation and manifestation energy and light are running through your central channel in a column of crystalline white light. Visualize your Earth Star chakra and all seven chakras lighting up simultaneously.

Take another deep breath to the Earth Star chakra, seeing it light up. Intentionally on an exhale, stream the light and love up to the Ascension grid. Visualize the ascension light-field lit up while releasing the I AM crystalline frequency and light to your and many people on earth.
Feel and see the masses awakening to their I AM presence.
Stay with this visualization for a minute.

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