#Aquarian #Millennia #4000 #years span

We have entered the #new #Millennia, the Age of Aquarius, on February 2, 2020. In the next #4000 #years, humanity will have the opportunity to heal, evolve, and overcome the paint and limitations of duality and separation consciousness
The #Aquarian #Age cycle is to be a more benevolent timeline for humans’ evolution to the next levels of consciousness and awareness. It is here to facilitate the full development and realization of the new Era that started in Aug. 2003 and could not take off under the parameters of the Piscean Age.
Additionally, in some astrological calculations, the Aquarian Age is to begin on December 22, 2020.
I found this not to be a significant offset, considering the length of the Aquarian millennia timeline that is proximately 4000 years span. This period since Feb. 02. 2020 seemed to me as a birthing and transition time for everyone transformative, and for some quite a turbulent eleven months that characterized all transitions and alterations to birth of a new life for all.

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