#Advancing our #Body’s #Matter, to #Energy, to #Message, to #Emptiness and to the #Light (the #Source-the Original Light)
Through Transforming the Matter to the Light within our body, mind, and spirit and to ethereal form we’re advancing on all levels of our being.
is the Ancient wisdom of Creation and Transformation from the Matter in our whole Body to the Light of our Original Soul, which is the Source (the Tao).

In the scoop it’s the process of creation and transformation of:
– the Matter—is created in the Kidneys;
– to Energy–is created in the spinal cord
-the Energy to Message–is created in our brains
– the Message to Emptiness–is to be created on pathway from the brain to the heart
-and the Emptiness to the Light (the Source)–is created in the center of our chest–the 4th Chakra.

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