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Heal through opening your Heart and expanding your consciousness.
Receive the healing blessings.
Thus result in wisdom with no boundaries in your life,
The Reality  with no Separation and
Self Illuminates your Life experience.
Activate Heart of Your Spirit in Actions.

Assisting people on their journey to reach their full potential, Soul Light Universal–Alternative Therapy is designed to remove blockages, liberate, and open hearts, expand the consciousness through ancient and new wisdom, practical techniques, and healing blessings.  

The soul light era, the new era, and its high frequencies of light allow our consciousness to expand
Consequently, it’s the redirection from the mind power to the soul power, and consciousness, through our heart that creates the alignment.   

Therefore, in this era, the millenniums ahead will set humanity free from all limitations of mind consciousness grip.
It is trough the shift, a heart experience, that we’re able to live our talents and abilities to their full capacity.
At last, it’s humanity’s resurrection and grand unification of our hearts–the divine feminine with the minds–the divine masculine.
Thus result in the increase of our manifestation powers, globally.

Many of us still need to re-learn how to grow the light within our bodies. This light comes from within. It’s a projection from within us.
Known as the power of the sacred fire ignited from the portal of love and light, in the heart center, that fulfills everything the mind can conceive.
Therefore, God-self us, we can bring-out our sovereignty and our unique frequencies, and light to the New Earth.
We are all important.

Soul Light Universal–Alternative Therapy is here to heal, open the hearts, and to assist this process of our unification, in eternal love and light.
Let us begin!

Alternative Therapy ~

Open your heart to expand your consciousness.

Remove blockages from your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Awaken your potential through living the Heart center reality.

Increase your frequency and vibration through our Alternative therapy methods.

Heal yourself, prevent sickness, and ultimately prolong your Life.

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The Heart is the Core of Life and of our Alternative Therapy focus

In Soul Light Universal–Alternative therapy and practice all sickness is caused by the accumulation of Soul, Mind, and Body, blockages.
There are three types of blockages:

– energy blockages

-matter blockages

-spiritual blockages

All illnesses and conditions are caused by one or more of the above-listed blockages. This is the reason why we focus on practical techniques to go along with the healing/blessing to ensure long-lasting results.
Once we assist you with clearing the immediate blockages from your system, the healing, or transformation can take place.

Whether you’d like to lose weight, end depression, you suffer from a chronic condition, or you’d like to benefit more from the current changes on planet earth, we can assist you through our alternative therapy.
Additionally, to help people to connect to their Higher Self and potential powers of their being is our specialty.

We focus on the power from within, through your heart.

Whatever we help you with, rest assure, you’ll be able to continue to accelerate and heal on your own.
The goal is for you to recognize and Unite in Harmony, with your potential powers within.
Also, you will be able to recognize and harmonize with potential powers within everyone, and everything.

Free yourself from heart and mind blockages first and foremost

Our Alternative therapy mission is to help as many people to expand and liberate their consciousness, through removing blockages from their soul, heart, mind, and body.

The blockages I am now referring to, are our fears, negative mindsets, negative beliefs, ego, and attachments, are removed first.

Increase Frequency of your physical, mental, emotional bodies

As a result of the removal of blockages, from your soul, heart, mind, and body, the frequency of the issue, or a physical condition you experience is significantly increased.
When our body’s frequency increases, and we start vibrating aligned with our innate potential, our lives’ experiences are permanently changed.
Therefore, by increasing the frequency, chronic conditions, and other life’s challenges can be transformed.

Do you suffer from pain?

Soul Light Universal therapy does not believe in a quick fix. Our Alternative methods encourage healing and removing the root causes of physical manifestation of pain, or a challenge.

Our results are long-lasting

How we do it?
I’ll give you a simple example.
Do you remember when ever you’re ‘in Love’?
Life seemed to be effortless and in flow. It seemed to unfold without much effort on your part.

This is the alchemy of an Unconditional Love, and it is where we can step in to assist you.
Exactly, we can help you with opening your heart.
Through our alternative practice, firstly, we can help you to realize where is the root cause of your issue.
Secondly, we can initiate the healing process within you through healing/blessings.

Where is Soul Light Universal Located

We are located in New York City, and we’re here to assist your healing, transformation, and your acceleration, in person and globally, 24/7 via Skype, telephone, or email.


Special Blessing/Training Sessions

We offer Special Blessing/Training Sessions, consist of the ancient and new wisdom, and practical techniques that do the following:

  • Remove soul, heart, mind, and body (energy & matter) blockages from your life, an issue, or a condition.
  • The Blessings uplift the Frequency and Vibration of your body, the mind, heart, and the spirit.
    When frequency becomes higher, and finer, everything shifts, and changes for better.
  • The method and practical techniques, with special blessings are meant to unify and align Soul, Heart, Mind and Body as one.

These three are the most potent Benefits of Soul Healing and Transformation therapy.

Learn more

Some of the results you can count on when working and training with Soul Light Universal are:

  • You will experience greater Harmony and Flow within you and with everyone around you.
  • You’ll feel more comfortable and in flow within you, and your life.
  • The experience and awareness of your Higher Self and purpose in life.
  • What’s the most important you’ll feel empowered to forge vigorously towards the manifestation of your chosen life.

If you feel called to step-up to your manifestation, and discovery journey, and learn more about Blessing Transmissions, and the soul wisdom, please connect with us for a complimentary 30min assessment session, to see how best we can assist you.



WE have Four SERVICE

Our Services consist of healing/ blessing transmissions .
We have four main methods.
They are:

All four therapies can assist you with physical conditions (including chronic), mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges.

Contact us, for a Complementary 20minute orientation and consultation session.



for Soul Light Universal–Alternative Therapy

Have a look at our successes in Soul Healing and Transforming peoples’ lives in many different areas of life.

Healing Testimonials for Your Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Challenges

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SOUL Channel Technique

The New Era–the Age of Every Soul Light and Purpose

We are living in a New Era named the Soul Light Era. As the name denotes, it’s the age of every soul light.
That is to say, in the next 15 000 years span, humanity will have the opportunity to develop a myriad of our unique soul abilities and virtues.  

For that matter, it is a perfect time to get used to performing spiritual and energy practices, to advance faster.
When we’re connected to our essence, through energy practices and meditation, we learn to evolve in every now moment.
This is also the way to heal illness and transform our physical form, to a lighter version, filled with light and love.
Firstly, we heal, then we transform after we purify our hearts and souls to enlighten them further.

Through daily practice, we learn to operate in our lives through our essence–the heart center. The heart is connecting us to our original soul’s light and purpose, and it is when we live our truth.

In other words when we’re connected and aligned with this light being within, our original soul through the heart, every aspect of our life flourishes.

For this reason, the new era is also called return of the golden age, which is imaginable once all beings are connected to their essence and highest potential and purpose in love and gratitude.

Humanity’s Shift to a ‘Book of Life’ in Union Within through the Heart

To be exact, it is the end of a book of ‘good and evil’ and the duality concept on the New Earth.
Humanity consciousness is shifting to the ‘book of life’, when true Union happens and the bride, the heart and soul, meets the groom–the mind.
Beyond the duality and separation notion of life, all things are possible and achievable.

It’s the return to the union of love and the Divine feminine that nurtures and fulfills everything the mind conceives and the Divine masculine within us.
This union concludes that our true power is in our soul power, through the heart.

Practical Technique to Connect to Power from Within

With this in mind, I am introducing the SOUL CHANNEL Practical technique. This practice can initiate and establish a connection to our soul.
Our eternal soul within us is the golden ticket for our evolution to the next levels

Due to very high frequencies of light and energetic vibrations on earth through this practice and aligning within and with the outside world through the heart, our manifestation powers are multiplied
The result is the potential powers of our being will spring out effortlessly.

Day-by-day we’re becoming the pure vehicles for our gifts and abilities to come forward. In addition, being align with our purpose we’re beneficial to others and our evolution at the same time. This technique and other Soul Power techniques assist us to Master the physical plane including our physical form. In other world, through daily spiritual practice we’re Mastering our form.

I have recorded the soul channel practice for anyone wishing to bring out the potential powers from within.

After some dedicated time, focusing and initiating this sacred connection through the vowels and creative visualization, one day we know that the connection is established. We can experience the  feelings of content and harmony within, as coming home feels.

The Benefits of Connection to our Essence Within

PIN ‘Soul Channel Exercise

The benefits are many, as the feelings of harmony and union cause the heart to open and surrender to the light and love within.
The ultimate goal is to align our physical body and life we live with our true-self within.
The original light and passion within us is ignited through the heart and we experience the oneness of our body and the spirit–our soul expands.
We can receive guidance and the messages from this wise light being within.
Additionally, connecting through the heart with our soul, the left and the right brain hemispheres unite in harmony.

Our practice and the path of discovery and realizations are continues because the potential powers of every soul are endless.
For this reason, we continue to connect to this light, benevolent being within, where all the wonder and love for our journey reside.

Once we Master this connection, we’re connected to our essence 24/7.
Indeed, our essence is the Divine–the Source within us, always available and present for our growth and evolution.
All we have to do is consciously initiate this connection and through practice to master going into a stillness and quietness when magic happens.
We begin to rece pure messages from our soul. This sacred knowledge we can implement in our lives and it’s crucial for our healing, transformation, and acceleration path.

Entering into a Condition of Pure Love and Light

Additionally, the recorded practice is infused with the Source Light, Love, and Blessings through my Divine, and the Source transmissions to you. I’ve received these abilities to assist others to connect to their love and light within.

When you succeed in forgetting about your immediate needs, during your practice-time, you will enter a Condition of stilleness of Love and Light. You’ll become One within and with the Creator.
The ultimate goal of every practice is stillness when the heart opens and expands

This is the moment of our Oneness with the Universe and all creation as our hearts and souls expand widely.
As a results, our vision broaden and we can communicate with all beings, with no barriers of time and space boundaries .

To know something, the only way is to experience it.
So, I wish you and all readers success in becoming one with your essence and potential powers of your being.

Connecting to Our Special Task and the Soul’s Message

The simple chant, recorded on the video, will AWAKEN the truth of your original Light, and your unique message within.
Assuming, that you’ve gone into a condition of love and gratitude, you can receive a connection to your given Task and purpose for this lifetime.
Also, we all agreed to fulfill a particular task before inhabiting this form. It is important to know that we have a special purpose to accomplish here on earth.

We all have received the special task to fulfill, when we’re conceived. So, it is rewarding to stay connected and align with that special message and our soul’s purpose.
It is like staying on the track and not loosing the sight.

Every time we do Soul Channel practice, with this Video or on our own, we are one step closer to realizing our true selves’ endless potential. One by one. 

In Summery

Through connecting within and entering a condition of stillness, and quietness, we can access the eternal, wise light being within us–our Soul. By nourishing this connection through practice and Love and Light that is available within it we evolve on our journeys faster.

Ultimately, it is powerful to accelerate with Mother Earth together, and manifest our true potential and hart’s desires. It was never a better time on earth for acceleration in all aspects of our lives.

When we practice we purify, we take the responsibility for our life to the heart, and as a good Service.
It is not only for our benefits, but also for benefit to others. Many people are looking for the acceleration, healing and transformation. We become the facilitators of the higher frequencies and the realms of consciousness for others, too.

We are the co-creators of the new paradigm, and shift on Earth, bringing in the Union so desired here on our planet. So, everyone counts.

Actual Soul Activation Technique Explained

The Sounds that resonate and vibrate the areas that form the Soul Channel, in a body are:


Weng – 7th Chakra–Crown chakra–very top of the head (red wong)

Hei – 1st Chakra–Root chakra–at the bottom of the torsos (red as hey)

Hong – 3rd Chakra–Solar plexus chakra–the navel area (red hong)

You –Ming Man–acupuncture point, straight across from navel to the back (red yo:)

Imagine golden Light circulating, in the oval and spiral shapes along the Soul Channel pathway. Chant or sing: Weng (Wong), Her (hey), Hong, You (yo:). 5 min. or 10 the time. There is no time limits.
Connect to the light of the stars, planets, our and other universes and galaxies to receive more healing and blessings.
I have recorded the Invocation, be creative and explore.

Our individual effort plays a vital role, and benefit all beings. When we assist more people to AWAKE and to be AWARE, the higher frequencies are available to everyone, Now.

Use this opportunity, and this monumental time, to succeed in your healing and transformation journey.

We’re all One on this sway to our realization.

Practical Technique Video on Connecting to the Kingdom Within

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