#Seed #To #Flower–#Bego #Art Poppy #Energizer came to life in mid-nineties when the Energizing Art was founded, after my sister and I contamplaited the Art that would not be only beautiful but would also generate power to its viewers. We were thinking of an inner power that lies within all of us repersented by the source within and in the middle of the paintings.
In this, Maijana Bego Energizer the source is the sun that one can rejuvenate and energize anytime by focusing at the center, meditating with it, or just by casually viewing it.
Although, it may be many meanings within this painting, one comes across naturally. The process that is our constant developing and evolution from the seed or an intention to fruitation and all the phases inbetween, its the life cycle.
This piece looks fantastic on the wall, in all sizes, depanding on your interior. The file is 240dpi JPG and its sized 33″X33″ ready for print on canvas or color printable paper.
Enjoy and benefit from it.

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