Dragon Energizer Triangle

***The download of Dragon Energizer is a high-resolution 240dpi file size 33″X28.63″.
You can print it in smaller sizes as your interior needs.

Bego Energizing Art was created by Marijana Bego and founded by Marijana and Tat Jane Bego in the mid-late nineties on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
The energizers came to life to energize, inspire, and help people focus their energy to reach their highest potential. To reach our highest potential, we are to align and live our higher self in a purpose wholeheartedly. You can notice the source within every Bego Energizer, where you can seek and find the strength, inspiration, and love of your higher self.
Therefore, tap into the center and meditate on your higher-self potential to bring it out and achieve your goals.
Every Bego Energizer has a particular message. The Dragon Energizer can balance our masculine and feminine powers. The fire, earth, and water Dragon Energizer is for those people who lack the energy and drive. The dragon’s head is on the left side of the source, denoting and boosting the fire energy within us for the necessary balance and contentment.

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