#One #Heart #6D #Consciousness

The Next Step in Humans Evolution Is #One #Heart #6D #Consciousness

As part of the continued evolution of human consciousness, we are evolving through our hearts. 
Specifically, humanity’s awareness is shifting from being aware through our minds to being consciously aware through the heart. 
The #One #Heart #consciousness is the next step in our# evolution and the awakening of ‘one heart’ in humans, on the New Earth, is our evolution to higher states of consciousness and awareness.
What is ‘one heart’ and why it is so significant at this time we are exploring in this chapter. 
The concept of one heart follows from the wisdom that the heart is the essence of our human being, thus living from the heart denotes the higher purity and quality of our lives in then our new reality.
To be exact, we are experiencing the expansion and liberation of our human consciousness through living from the heart.

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