#Forgiveness #Practice #Chapter #18

#Forgiving #Others Help Us Advance to our Next Level Faster
Forgiveness #practice, Capter 18 of #The #Manual #For #Humanity #Thriving #In #The #New #Earth #carries a pearl of profound wisdom that I know can help us in removing the immediate blockages from our lives’ experience. We transform blockages to move forward faster in life by practicing forgiveness.
Simply, when we’re stuck in one place for a while, we carry blockages in our systems that we have to release to move to the next level. The same applies to heal or transform any other aspects of life.
If these blockages are not transformed to light frequency, one way is through forgiveness practice, we can stay in the same spot for a while. Even if we move a bit, without releasing the main causes of our struggle, we can attract the same problems over again. Because we’re still vibrating the same frequency.
Through forgiveness practice, we sincerely reflect unto the core of our issues that lie within us.
Let us explore further the significance of offering forgiveness and asking for forgiveness in regards to our struggles in life.

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