#Consciously #connecting and #activating all #12-#Chakras of our #body, the six within the body and six within our #Auric #Field.
This poster is a visual expression that can inspire you and ignite your highest potential and calling through practicing it daily or when you can.
Besides, it looks fantastic on the wall in the study room, the office, or where you feel inclined to place it.
Dimension is 24″ by 36″, it is ready for print on printable color paper or canvas as an instant digital download.
Blog article on how to practice with this tool, why and how to do it, and on the meaning of our Chakras in relationship to our life, purpose, potential, and growth is at:

Consciously Connecting and Activating, all 12-Chakras of our Body and Auric Field-Benefits

Additionally, I have just published a book, “The Manual For Humanity Thriving In The New Earth,” containing all the wisdom, knowledge, and practices that led me to my higher self, potential, purpose, and to the higher states of consciousness and awareness.
In chapters 10 and 11 of the book, I explained everything about this practice to connect us to our higher potential and activate all energy vortexes within our body and the Auric Field.
The book is available for viewing and purchase on this website, https: soulightuniversal.com/store/posters and at the Amazon book store:

Your healing, transformation, and ascension process are at your hand when you realize and utilize all your available gifts and talents.
Enjoy it.

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