#Exercises For #Grounding and #Opening The Heart For The #Healing, #Blessings of the #Year #2020

Pin Exercises for Opening the Hearts and aligning with our Higher Self.

In my desire to support our# collective and #individual #evolution to the next levels of #consciousness and #awareness and regarding current events, I share #grounding and #heart-opening #exercises that align us with this opportunity to evolve to the next level.
These practices are beneficial for any time when we want to tune in and within, our magnificent world within.
I am referring to the Gateway 12.12.2020 to 12.22.2020, the rare opportunity to evolve and further our awakening journey. Our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are up for transformation.
Therefore, there is an opportunity for the subconscious memory and codes to awaken and to settle within through the gentle, feminine, yin influence of this Ecliptic New Moon.
Whatever is happening in our small universe is also happening in the big universe, including the world stage and globally. In other words, it’s a period of revelations and realizations for moving forward with more grace and ease for all. Also, we can already feel the uplifting frequencies of the astrological #Aquarian #Millennia beginning on 12. 22.20.
Due to even higher frequencies of light on earth today, also many more people already consciously on the acceleration and ascension journey, this Dec. 2020 carries a vast opportunity for change and metamorphoses for all.
We have this open highest frequency and vibration portal to evolve and further adjust and align with our next level of awareness and consciousness. Thus, make it the doorway to appropriate timelines for our evolution.
The following #exercises can help us firstly lose the attachments because nothing happens to us, but it is flowing through us.
Thus, through #practical #techniques, we are in our #Higher #Selves and states of #consciousness. We perceive our world from the #Higher #self’s #perspective until it becomes our predominant state of being. It can happen within this Dec. 2020 shift.

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