The #Soul #Power is our New Reality and New Paradigm on Mother Earth at this time. Many are still wondering in awe, what’s happening?
This is the power and significance of the new era, the Soul Light Era, that began on Aug.8,2003 and it is just taking off in the last two years, globally. The difference between Century and Eras is that Eras last proximately 15000 years and Centuries they last 100. So, it is a permanent chance for all of us living on the earth at this time. The main difference between the #new #era and the previous one is that in the next fifteen thousand years, the Soul is governing all things in our New Reality.
Yes, our wise, eternal being within–the Soul is taking the lead over the Mind. The mind, as we know it, was the leader in the previous era we’re just emerging from.
For this reason, this major shift is creating the #New #Paradigm and the #New #Reality for all #Humanity, #Mother #Earth, and all beings.

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