We have entered in exaltation the new Millennium, the Age of Aquarius, on February 2, 2020. In the next 4000 years, humanity will have the opportunity to evolve, heal and overcome all the limitations of duality and separation consciousness, implemented in the previous, the Piscean Age.

The Aquarian’s Age is to be a more benevolent timeline for humanity’s evolution. It is here to facilitate the full development and realization of the new Era.
The new, Soul Light Era has begun in August of 2003. Like all eras, it will last proximately, 15 000 years.

In a sense, the Aquarian Millennia is to usher the new era in a more beneficent way. My heart is rejoicing and I wish to inspire and ignite the fire in your hearts with this article. What is the essence and what to look for to is explored further. Join, the ascension and awakening with an open heart.

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