'Pink Steam' song by Tat Jane Bego Vic

Activating a Primal Force Within–Love

‘Pink Steam’ is song about the primal force of all creation and the driving force in our lives, the Love that resides in our hearts.
It is the source that can always provide the fuel for moving forward and realizing our highest purpose and destiny.
All we have to do is connect to that flame within.
It is this journey driven from the Love within us that creates ours and others reality. So, connect to it with every breath you take and expand it with every exhale throughout the body to the outside world.
Just like the PINK Steam narrated in this song for your inspiration.
The more good time you have, the more beneficent it is for you and the world around you. Be aware of this potential that lies within you.
Through this love within, we can co-create a beautiful New World of love, care, and cooperation through the inspiration.
And here it goes.

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