Consciously Connecting & Activating all 12-Chakras of our body and the auric field - Benefits

and Activating all 12-Chakras of our body, and auric-fied-Benefits

Through consciously connecting and activating all 12-Chakras of our body, and within our auric field, we can benefit greatly at this monumental time on Mother Earth. In short, each chakra within our body, correspond to a particular chakra in our energy field. In this article, I explained how to create particular connections and through creative visualization, we use ‘prune’–the light force of the universe, to initiate and insure that connection has been made.
Firstly, we are connecting the 1st–Root-chakra, with the 12th–the Divine Gateway chakra. This will allow us to surrender more easily to the divine flow in our lives. Secondly, we connect the 2nd-Chakra, of our body, with the 11th–Galactic Chakra, in our auric field. This bong allows, for more advanced spiritual abilities to surface in our lives. In other words, we can be able to bring the highest healing, insights and growth from the higher realms into our present existence. In this way we’re able to bring balance to wide number of people, to Mother Earth, and highest realms of spirit. The next, we will fasten the bond between our Solar Plexus chakra and the 10th–Universal chakra. Given that our 10th-Universal chakra is the Universal aspect of our being, through this energy center, we’re connecting to all that is. Moreover we’re connecting, through our 3rd–Solar Plexus chakra, to all creation, when we connect these two energy centers, Once, we connect and allow universal light, into our physical body, our Markaba light body can be constructed. Initially, the light-body will enable us, an unlimited access to the higher realms of spirit. To continue up the central channel, we join the 4th–Heart Chakra with our 9th–Spirit chakra. With this connection we establish our direct connection with the source, thereafter we can communicate to the light beings from around the galaxy, angels, guides and star beings. Additionally, we fully surrender to the flow of our spirit, which enable us to bring-out all our gifts, and abilities to this life. Ultimately, we can offer a greater service and contribute more, here and now. The next we connect our 5th–Throat chakra to our 8th–Soul Star chakra. When the connection between these two energy centers is fully established, the Creators light can flow freely through us, allowing us to access higher states of consciousness. Additionally, the Soul Star-chakra is a vessel of our soul’s energy, knowledge, and experiences, throughout many lifetimes, which we can bring-out, through our service, and through the 5th–Throat chakra, here and now. Lastly, we connect our 6th–Third Eye chakra with our 7th–the Crown chakra. We have worked our way to the Crown, yet this is not the destination or conclusion. It is more a rebirth, of new beginnings and infinite unfolding of new experiences. At this point and by connecting these two energy centers, we’re bringing in all the blessings from all the chakras, and towards our ultimate goal-enlightenment, self-realization, fulfillment, our Divine–ascended Self in the new earth. The knowledge and practice has many benefits, among others, I will point out the few. We will increase our awareness, in every now moment. We are becoming a part of the whole,now, and connected to everyone and everything is. The frequency of our physical body is raised, automatically, and due to the circulation of the higher light-frequencies from within our auric-field. Consenquently, our higher self presence, is emerging more and more with every now moment. As the part of the divine–the source flow we’re able to bring-out more of our soul’ potential, and offer the greater service on the new earth.

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