Have you ever thought of the days and of our lives as being a delicious ‘dish’, where we get to prepare, and make brand new ‘dish’, every day?

our ever present hearts' flameWhere we get to explore and expand, create and experience all that our souls, hearts, and our beautiful minds, and bodies’ are able to grasp and reach out for.
There is an unlimited potential in this, don’t you agree?

The limits are only present if they’re observed within our hearts and minds.

We have all these opportunities, and very many ingredients we may include and make each, and every day a delicious ‘dish’.

The more we enjoy our cooking, more delicious and special our ‘dish’ is to us and to our loved once, and all others around us.
We never forget about others, the more we think of others, the more our hearts are open to receive what’s there for us to be received.

Of course, everything is available at all times, it’s just a matter of how open we are to see it, and receive it. ~
The notion that everything is always available to us, is enough to keep our inspiration blooming, in preparation of one lovely ‘Dish’ every day.

Every day is a miracle when we’re in designer—cook’s shoes there is a lot to look for in creations from our hearts and souls.

How do we really know what ingredients to include and when, how to make the best choices, for each delicatessen ‘Dish’ every day? I am sure everyone has they own ‘rules’ and preferred taste but let us explore some ideas together, now. ~

Along my journey, I was fortunate to be exposed to many different teachings, wisdom, knowledge, the ideas, notions and the state of minds.

The opportunity to hear and be present at these ‘events’ in my life, made me a great listener and observer. I truly love to hear what others have to say about anything in general. I will always share some of the ‘teachings’ I learned but that doesn’t mean that they are all presented for you to Dishing a delicious dish every dayacquire and believe in each.

I think the teachings and experiences we received along the way are meant to expand our horizons and our consciousness further and more, in order that we may become more versatile and adaptable in our own ability to contribute to others.

All the knowledge and ‘teachings’ stay with us, and help us cope better with our physical and spiritual lives; they stay with us and are stored in our memory bank.

It’s wonderful that we have full freedom of the choice and when and where we are to use all that we stored; in general the more ingredients, the more knowledge, the more wisdom we acquire, the more we are equipped, so to say, the more choices we have for our beautiful and delicious ‘Dishes’ of our lives.

I believe flexibility is important, while ‘learning’ and while implementing … also a lot of air and room is needed for possibilities of our own.

My experience says that ‘things’ are never black or white, right or wrong, they are usually one of our unique shades of each.

Sometimes the ‘teachings’, experiences we have stored, come to us decades after, and when we need them they come from our memory bank, and in the moment.

So, in the ancient Buddhist teachings, exactly Taoist teachings, there is an area in our bodies, between our physical heart and the heart chakra (in the middle of our chest).
This space between our physical heart and our hearts’ chakra is called a ‘Soul Temple’. It is said that we received a Message and the special ‘Heaven’s Order’ for our life at the moment and when we’re conceived.
This message, our Task to be fulfilled for this lifetime is stored in this sacred space in our bodies, our ‘Temple’.
In some esoteric teachings the same area, between physical heart and the heart chakra is also called the ‘Higher Heart’ or ‘Heart space’.

In any way the Significance is that if we connect to and work with this vital part of our being, the space between our Heart and Heart Chakra, we can ask and receive messages, and important guidance when we need them.

Now, we do have to have the pure intentions, sincerity, and to work on opening and expending our hearts and this area in the middle of our chest, every day, so we can hear clear and true messages.

At this moment, I have to remind everyone, how important it is to nourish out bodies, minds and our spirit with the natural, and organic produce, everyday.
Naturally grown, plant-based nutrients are chief factor for our minds’ clarity and ability to think properly; and in this case of communication with our higher selves, we are able to hear the true message from our hearts.

By doing daily communication with our ‘Higher selves’ through our hearts and the ‘Soul Temple’ we can receive the necessary substance and appropriate ingredients for our enchanting ‘Dishes’ for our day-to-day lives.

Why GMO–genetically modified food is not appropriate and in this case, is because it causes Fear, and ‘not good enough attitude, in our mental bodies, also causes depression in our emotional bodies.

So, the true communication with our higher selves is not possible if we eat the wrong food.
Plant-based and organically grown nutrients are the basic foundation for mind clarity, purity of the heart, and it’s on the first place in my guidance for those who wish to live their life in their fullest and their true potential.

Time well spent is the time closely aligned with ones true essence.

Truly all is appropriate as long as it is aligned with our hearts, and in this way is automatically aligned with our Spirit—our soul, and our original plan–our unique message. ~

When we live from our hearts and we are sincere and clear in what we want to experience, and where we’re heading to, the magic works through us.

We are able create magical ‘Dishes’ every day of our lives.
Each of our ‘Dishes’ are the object of our intentions and desires, and if they’re prepared with Love from our hearts’ and souls’ and connected to our higher selves purpose, they are all delicious and important. ~

Sometimes, it is not really what we had in our minds but then our flexibility, and our appreciation, our gratitude comes in, and then magic is always present.

When we take a look more sincerely and closely in review, we know that our ‘Dish’ come out perfect and it brought the best option to us, and that it was perfectly aligned with our highest plan. ~

In a way, all we need to do, is to be enjoying and preparing our beautiful, delicious ‘Dishes of the Day’ that make the ‘Dishes of our Lives’, and with open hearts and minds to just be ‘cooking’ and adding more ingredients to our delicious ‘dishing’.

When we’re in the state of being fulfilled and satiated from within with what we’re doing, already, the more is on it’s way. ~

There will always be another chance, another day, and another delicious, enchanting ‘dish’ to be made and prepared. We’ve got to cook if we’d like to make a lot. It takes time but gives full pot. The whole lot! ~

Keep cooking, I am with you ‘cooking’ some special ‘dish’ every day! ~

in Eternal Love, now and always, Tat Jane


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3 thoughts on “‘Cooking’~ Making Some Special ‘Dish’ Every Day

  1. Omg, I am so inspired by you 🤗 What a beautiful life you have created and you are such an amazing beacon of Love & Light ❣️ I am honored to have spent time with you and I am so grateful I get to follow your beautiful journey 🌈 keep it up buttercup 💗 Wishing you all the Love in the world 🌎 Tat Jane 💕 🌅✨🌃✨ ❤️ From Sarah

    1. Dearest Sarah, I am so honored to be inspiration to others, you’re my inspiration always, in LOVE ~ ~ ~

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