Persistence is the mother of science’

Persistence is one of the greatest virtues, and a helping hand that we can have on our physical, and our spiritual journeys. Persistence is closely connected to our trust and love within our own hearts and Love we have for others.

Persistence is the endurance and totality of our heart’s and soul’s abilities. How much we believe in our notion, our impulse, our beat, and how much we are able to give at all moments for its manifestation, and for how long. Even at times when no returns are imminent and on the horizon.

Sometimes, and often, the Universe will test us, with particular challenges and/or
difficult situations, so that we can have the opportunity to more closely tune in with what is that we stand for.

Persistance through Heart in the Now

Everything has timing. There is a right time for everything to unfold; as long as we trust and believe, and we can thrive from the Love within our hearts and souls, things will happen at the most appropriate time for us and for all concern.

So is to say, not ‘to Give in’ and ‘lose the Heart’, and to stand firmly in what we believe in, and not to doubt, our own selves, and the Universal principals and laws, it is to endure and persist.

‘To give in’ and ‘to lose the heart’ truly means, when it’s the hardest we have to be the most soft, and tuned in to our heart’s and soul’s Power, and the Power of our Love within.

When we endure in this way, and persist in all given moments, we’re developing an unshakable heart, in a favor to our creation, and our process. ~

As long as something is so vivid and glowing in our hearts, and our souls, it is already happening in some future timeline of ours; we just have to be ready to recognize it and experience it on the physical plane. Perhaps we have to attune and align with it more, or it’s just not a perfect timing for the overall concern to come to life.

We are and will always be a part of the whole, a gigantic quantum field, and as long as we are vibrating and emanating the frequencies of our hearts and souls desires will attract what we earn to experience, and earn to live.

We are singing our heart’s songs and tuning in more, and more with each day in joy and trust, in love and gratitude.
We are getting the right Tune within and with everyone and everything in consideration, so that our truth may come through, and our heart’s and soul’s desires may come to life.

It is as being in our hearts and connected to our Truth which is our eternal Light.

Not a public notion truth or someone else truth, but the truth of our hearts and souls.

It seems that the bigger tastings and assessments that we’re exposed to, from the Universe and the circumstances we create along the way, the bigger the reward is awaiting for us. ~

The Tuning in, and the Trust in love and faith are always our best companions towards the manifestation on the physical plane.

Trust in through Heart Experience
Trust through the Heart

The Physical plane is still very dense matter, and we need a crystal clear message with lot of love, and an open heart, in order to bring things to life.

At last, the process is a Song of our hearts and souls, so timing shouldn’t matter, truly!

What we want to is, to persist in emanating the right message to the Universe, and to our surroundings at all times; we want to be AWARE what it is that we are vibrating and sending messages out for, at all times.

We came to the true answer again, and again, that is when we are emerged in the present moment, and connected to our highest purpose and a message of our heart’s and soul’s, we are always on the right path.

The rest is just tuning in, while creating a Momentum, and getting ready for what we want to bring to life. We are sort of in creator shoes and we experience our unshakable hearts in Action, and at all times.

We are not waiting to experience something but we’re experiencing it in all moments.
Every moment we live has a message for us, no moments are useless and wasted. When we’re tuned in completely in the moment we can hear the messages for our next best moment. And we experience the flow.

The Tune and a Flow are sort of a pair. They are both our Harmony with the moment, in the highest expression; within and with everyone around us. When we are in Tune and in the Flow, we’re a part of the whole and not separated from anything. ~
We are attuned and in tune with all that is.

I created a poem, some time ago. The name is ‘It’s all in Tune’ and here it is for you today.~

It’s all in Tune

Every moment has its own bite
Save your computer
Time will come.
Oh this wondrous island
That thought me everything
I needed to know
Opened up places
I needed to go.

Where are the words to say
How good it is
haven’t we tried both ways?

It’s happening to you
Believe and live
that’s what the Bible says.

We are sitting, world is spinning
and stopped right there
Where East meets the West
In every way.
It creates harmony
like black and white
like plus and minus
like husband and wife
like Yin and Yang.

Happiness is there
where we believe it is
So get attuned, be in tune
Let’s dance for it
We’ll dance for the future
For everyone to be whole
To be Happy, to have it All
Anyway it’s all in tune.

If you just quiet down now
stop talking to yourself
The right wind will pick you up
Just like that.

Try it anyway, it’s all in tune
Be attuned, get this tune
I’ll give you a tune
It comes from within
For this game called life
From the dream machine
It’s under your skin, and stays there.

So get this tune, be attuned
Let Dance for it
Will dance for the future
for everyone to be whole
to be Happy, to have it All

Anyway it’s all in tune
So Be attuned.

in LOVE and Gratitude, and always with You! ~ ~ ~  Tat Jane

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