Isn’t it Grand to be living on a beautiful, and the only ONE ‘blue and green’ planet –Mother Earth in the Now moment, and in the full splendor of the month of May ‘2018.

#natureIt is such wonder and true awakening for ALL beings, and all nature, plants, birds, flowers, trees, even waters, lakes, and rivers seem to be more buoyant, and blue, from the reflection of endlessly clear blue skies in the month of May.

For us humans, and at this amazing time of rapid highest frequency shifts, and crisp clear energies available to all, it’s truly a new beginning with every moment.
Every moment feels like it’s an eternity for its meaning and beauty.

Isn’t it relief to acknowledge that is so easy, and natural to be fully immersed in the Now moment? It feels like nothing else exists, and nothing else ever existed before this present moment-Now.

I remember reading the books about being in the NOW, years and even decade ago. It seemed such a great idea; although I wasn’t able to actualize it truly, and at all times.
At this moment in time, it is almost impossible to be otherwise.

It seems orchestrated by the higher powers, also by high frequencies and vibrations prevalent on Mother Earth at this time; so it feels like we’re sort of anchored in the Now, and all you need to do is relax into it, feel the beauty and the unconditional Love that is available in every moment.

Soak the Suns of the new Era of Light. Hear your soul rejoicing, I have arrived where I belong at last.

Two things I could never do. One is to ‘Rush’ through, and in order to do or ‘accomplish’ something. At this moment, It feels ‘to rush’ is completely irrelevant and incompetent.
Not to ‘have to’ rush, puts smile on my face.

I knew well that one can never truly ‘achieve’ anything by pushing and rushing to it. And now, to tune in and feel it first, it’s becoming a mainstream, and a manner of the time. Humanity has arrived.

A saying …’To be at the right place at the right time’, at this point in our time is actually to be anchored and fully present in the Now moment, in your heart, in harmony, love and gratitude, and to trust your process; seems like the right place to be.

I openly load nostalgia, and it’s ever rare for me to look back, and to glorify the past or to make plans for the future, yet now I experience, this is not even the option.
And when I look just couple of years back, there were times, when I would sort of romance something in my mind mostly, or magnify the fragments of my past, more often in my thoughts and feelings. ~

This too, seems so distant and unreal, for what I can be experiencing just by being fully present in what is now!

So, not to dwell on the past, and think to much about what future might bring, is such an important step forward in our evolution.

Profound #ShiftI find this shift to be profound, and beneficial, and so purifying.
Nothing to linger on and nothing to hope for, it’s all here and now. And the next now is a product from this now, first and foremost. Everything is truly possible, and depends on the frequencies we are vibrating, and emanating in the now moment.

Predictions seem to be OUT, and almost impossible to make according to this equation.

If we’re part of a gigantic quantum entanglement, and the field, like we are; every moment basically depends on all of our frequencies, and the most on our own frequency. So, by being in the NOW, and in harmony and love
you’re being supported by the higher powers, and this quantum field.
So, just to BE, and be your pure being, be your presence, be your unique–source Light in each Now moment, is the way to be.

To experience this harmony is to live from your heart, and in Love and Gratitude.

Our hearts know what we need and what is best for us to experience next. So, by surrendering to the present moment in harmony, not trying to change something, we are sort of allowing our hearts and souls to fully express themselves, and lead the way.

It’s divining, it’s liberating and it’s inspiring to allow the present moment., to take the lead. ~

When we’re truly one with the Now, in Love and Gratitude, we are IT!

For one, time completely stops, and every moment feels like eternity. We are literally in the magician’s shoes and the world is ‘revolving’ around us– we are the axles of the whole universe when we’re in our hearts, and in the Now.

It is through our hearts that we can experience harmony and unity with all that is.
We can communicate with everyone and everything, telepathically, and inattentively through our heart and soul power.

Intuitively we know lot more when we’re in our hearts and we trust our process.

Since we know that the now moment connects us with everyone and everything, we are connected to the Creator, the Divine and the Source at all times.
They are always with us; all we need to do is acknowledge and allow them to lead the way.

The Divine and the Source are our Higher selves. So by letting them lead the way, you’re allowing the lead to your Higher self–You!

When we’re immersed in the now moment with the feeling of Love and Gratitude we can ‘change’ our destinies  before our eyes, because we are vibrating in the frequencies of our highest heart and souls desires. We become magnets that attract only things, which are the most align with our highest destiny, and our highest plan.

We receive so much light, love, the energy and we seem to be empowered, invigorated and uplifted, just for the sake of allowing and being what we are–our higher selves, and in the Now moment. Being One with all that is, including everyone and everything around us naturally follows.

It’s like Mother Earth is giving us all our offerings back, when we are in harmony and we’re not separating from anything.
It is like the Universe is eager to give us back anything we offer, and it’s feeding us with an unconditional Love, in abundance and in return.

I am sure you have experienced this phenomenon in some way before, and if you haven’t yet experience the power of being fully present in the now moment; just relax into it, and try it from today.we #rise we #ascend

This is the part of the Shift in mass consciousness, and it is here to stay. So, I suggest you give your present moment a chance, and surrender to it completely. By doing so, you will give the chance to all that you are, and all that you always wanted to be, and become, in your present moment and now.

Every breath we take, when it is in Love, Gratitude, and Harmony for what WE ARE, and we ALREADY HAVE, which is so much; just by being present here and now, at this momentous time, and on our beautiful ‘blue and green’ planet–Mother Earth, the only ONE; you’ll feel the Love. So much love she has for us. ~

In the month of May it’s a perfect time to nourish yourself, for the whole year, with an unconditional Love very present from mother Earth, and the father Heaven, who is represented with the endlessly blue skies in this month of May. ~

You see, Mother Earth is the mother to us ALL. So, you can feel how big and unconditional her heart is, and how much she can withstand, and carry on, and for the eons, we know.

Sometimes it’s very invigorating to imagine, and to experience this all through your heart. What is that which we can provide, and give to others, to her in return for this love and the opportunities we have at this present time?! ~

Imagine if the whole population of humanity is emerged in the Now moment in love and gratitude, what that would be like, and what kind of power would be available to all.

In my vision, this is the Grand plan for the New era and full realization of the new dimensions of consciousness on our planet, the 5th, the 6th, , the 7th and up.

I can feel it in the Now, that this is where humanity is heading to, and this is the grand picture for the new era of Light—Every present Soul Light.

Everyone is One within the Now moment and in the greatest Harmony, Love and Gratitude. This is the Awakening and the Enlightenment of Humanity’s Souls, Hearts, Minds and Bodies as one, and in the Now moment, and on the global scale.

We are extremely grateful and appreciative for this Shift and all that is orchestrated in order for it to transpire on our beautiful ‘blue and green’ planet, the only ONE! ~

How generous is this only from the Divine, and the Source, from our beloved Mother Earth, we have to learn from them and their generosity; the ability to give, and forgive, and to silently move forward in love and gratitude, like nothing ever happened.

I am with all of you always, and if you ever needed assistance on this journey toward your Light, and becoming your highest Soul Light, we are here for you at ‘Soul Light Universal’, do not hesitate to reach out! ~ ~ ~

One moment, and one more thing just lit up in my mind about the Shift we’re experiencing:

no place for new #Karma We can’t create a new bad karma when we are in the now moment in Love and Gratitude.
Remember from the previous posts, karma is the record of our services; negative karma is a record of our negative actions, deeds, and even messages created by our thoughts, feelings, speech, and more. When we’re in the Now moment in love and gratitude, we are creating only a good karma, for our next now moment to be the continuation of our Glory.

I hear someone saying, and what about the karma we have already acquired before this now moment?
Is this truly all going to be, even, and forgiven in the new Era of Light? ~ Perhaps, I hear, an immediate, Yes we are heading there; this is the unfolding and the final Shift for humanity to come, once we are all ready for it! ~

Until then, keep up the good work in Love and Gratitude, through your Heart, in Harmony with each and every Now moment, and with this New Moon, tomorrow! ~

In Love and Light! ~ TJ


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