The early on, I have made peace and a deep connection with the process of Rebirth & Reconstruction, through ceasing and and starting over. ~

I so, much resonated with Rebirth & Resurrection, and to this day, I believe the novel ‘Demian’ by Herman Hesse, and paragraph within it, has had impacted my psyche, that I happen to embody fearless approach and understanding of this essential and inevitable process of Birth and Re-Birth in human lives.

“The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world.   The bird flies to God. The God’s name is Abraxas.” Herman Hesse

For those who do not know, Abraxas is the ancient Egyptian and Greek God—the myth, that has been claimed to be both, God and demon.

I learned early on that polarities, Good and evil, Life and death, Truth and lie, Light and darkness, exist at the same time. They make the whole, which wouldn’t be the whole, without either part.

Everything in the physical world consists of plus and minus, positive and negative, of black and white, and in between—Yin and Yang—is the Universal principal and laws.

Our experience is created by what we choose to perceive and associate with.
Both experiences are available at all times. It is our choice to what we want to resonate with and to explore further and more.

What we chose to see, or see through. The surface might be good or bad and, its important to pay attention to the depth and the essence of it.

When you see or intend to see Good in everything, you’re uplifted and feel inspired.
Your heart opens, for more good to come.

When you see evil, in the things or people you may start feeling the same evil or even little worst. ~
What is important to be aware and focus on is: Everything has good within. ~

I also chose early on to resonate with and stand for the Light; to seek the Light in everything.
This doesn’t mean that I wasn’t attracted to the darkness at times.
I knew it was my subconsciousness’–sincere desire to experience both; so that I may have a complete picture and be able recognize merits of possibilities in all things animate and inanimate and at all time.

It’s usually not what meets the eyes but the ability to see the essence of something.

So, for instance nowadays, when media says: “Everything is falling apart because of this or that… “
It truly isn’t that way.

The things that were not any good in the first place, and were not serving the greatest purpose and the highest good, are falling apart; making the room for the NEW things to come. That is IT! ~

I am aware that it will take some time for this point of view, and the mass perception to Shift; and for most people to recognize the Truth, at once; what is Real, and organic, and what serves good in its essence.

It will take some time for most of Humanity, to realize that being Truthful and sincere is the only, and the right way to approach all and everything in life.

Humanity was educated for centuries to hide their Truth and their deep emotions, in Fear that others will take advantage of them, once they know the truth, their secrets.

This is so opposite from how things in this Universe truly work; it’s the part of the old programming—
Divide–Separate the minds and hearts and then easily take control and the advantage.

So many still wonder, whether standing for the Light and being embodiment of the greatest qualities of Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Light, being organic, truthful, sincere and to Trust, can truly work for them, to be successful and to prosper at the same time.

They shall rest for sure, the old system can not even exist anymore, at the current acceleration of Light frequency, and the highest positive energy fields, and vibrations, produced by planet Earth, itself, the Sun, the Moon and other planets, stars, galaxies and Universes.

Nevertheless, all the beings of Light that are assisting this process of Rebirth and Reconstruction on Mother Earth, and in all Universes, We are truly blessed to be present at this significant time, where we are all connected through this glorious Light and within one quantum field of the same energy and substance.

It is all about Trust and Bravery, Truth and Dare at this time;

So, you who are reading this article and I who am attempting to open the hearts and souls of others to this truth, so they may see it clearly, what’s to be done and how; we are very important factors of this whole process of awakening of our Society and our Communities to the new ways of approaching, seeing, doing things and the new beginnings to unfold. ~

… In other words, I am just One that
believes that day will come, when
everyone will be giving the most
of what they’ve got, wouldn’t that
be so right, like you are under
this sunlight.

So, don’t be tight, let us share
this moment bright besides,
do you think it’s healthy being alone,
with the head full of thoughts,
on it’s own. You have to keep that
beautiful face all the way.

Why do you think about the act?
In reality nothing really matters,
nothing is more important than
anything else,
that WONDERFUL LIFE to BE LIVED. ..                              Copyright T.Bego

May, with this Easter Day, Join Heart and Souls together to create a better World for ALL beings, in Love, Harmony and Unity consciousness! ~

May we be Divinely guided to proceed with our lives purposely, in Beauty, Purity and Clarity.

May we embody Truth and Wisdom, as our Birthright and our heritage!

Love you, today and every Day! ~

Blessings, Blessings, Blessings! ~

Miracles, Miracles, Miracles ~ ~ ~ in LOVE,  Tat Jane

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in LOVE and LIGHT, with you always Tat Jane



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