The Supreme Universal Light is available to ALL, present at this time on our planet Mother Earth, and throughout all Universes!

Universal Supreme LightThis Light has the power to banish all barriers around and within us, our hearts, minds, our bodies, and connect us all together in a beautiful, golden, spider web. It is certainly able to connect us, to our original Light–the Divine, the Source presence within.~

We are all the Source. Are we Aware, yet? At this time we are able experience and receive, all that our souls’ have desired to experience, throughout many lifetimes. We’ve arrived, to a point where all is available to us, and it’s available, Now! ~

There is nothing to wait for, any longer. It’s all happening, in the Now moment! ~ We just have to be fully present, in the precious Now moment, and experience it deeply through our hearts and souls! ~

We sort of align our mind, body, our spirit, with the now moment and become ONE with it. Wether we like what the moment entails,  or not, the Key is to experience it with an open Heart, and then our Mind, opens to the vast possibilities, of being in the Now moment.

When we suddenly realize, that Time has stopped, we know we’re One with the now moment, we’re one with our Source within, and the expansion of Love and Light consciousness, just flows.

It’s our Rebirth, being fully present in every given moment. Our Blueprints are awake and they start lighting up. The lights are expanding, and we’re experiencing all that was planned for us to experience, since the beginning of our souls’ time.

Is there anything more profound, then being fully present in the now moment, wether we’re by ourselves or with our Twin? So, truly we are never alone, the Twin is always with us, the Divine, the Source is always present.

We can not be more Grateful for this moment in Time! ~

The Supreme Light is everywhere, it is making us blind at the moments, and we are still adjusting to its frequency and potency. We are getting ready, for a flight. The flight process will be repeating until we Master our flight techniques in this amazing time.

I shared before and would like to share in this article once again; I believe it’s important for everyone to know what’s really happening! ~

The New Era has begun on Aug.8th’2003.

Its name is Soul Light Era. Like any other era, it will last 15 000 yrs. so we are living at the dawn of this momentous time on Mother Earth.

We are able to be co-creators of the new Era of Light on Mother Earth.

This is a Rebirth, the turning point for humanity and Mother Earth. The power of Mind over matter is moving to the power of Soul over matter.

The Soul Power is the power of 21st Century, and the teachings on power of soul, are here to empower humanity to accelerate, heal themselves and heal others.

Transform, purify every aspect of life and enlighten souls, hearts, minds and bodies.

The ultimate goal of Soul Light Era is:

“All Souls join as One to reach Universal Soul Enlightenment.”

In order to achieve this ultimate Divine and the Source plan for every soul on Mother Earth we have to enlighten ourselves first, then enlighten the souls of our friends, neighbors, our colleagues, souls of human beings in our city, our countries, souls of all beings on Mother Earth.

Let us join hearts and souls together to offer an unconditional, universal service to all souls in order to create Harmony, Peace, Love and One Heart, and Unity consciousness on Mother Earth and in all Universes.

Let us accomplish the Divine and the Source plan and the Vision for this era, to bring about  enlightenment to all beings, humanity, animals, all nature and all beings, here on our planet and beyond.

When we do Spiritual and energy practices, we are removing soul, heart, mind and energy and matter blockages from our body, our mind and our spirit (our soul, our message).

We raise and refine our frequency and vibration and ultimately in this way we help raise frequency of all beautiful beings around us, and way beyond!

We are helping others accelerate and transform on the soul level, then the physical manifestation naturally follows.

I recommend from my heart to you, the book “The Power of Soul” ~ Amazon seller, by Dr.Zhi Gang Sha, my Spiritual father, that in length explains the power of our soul and significance of this time.

In between the lines, practical techniques, blessings, it explains our opportunity to experience all that our original soul ~ our original, true self, light, wanted to experience from the beginning of its time.

I am so very honored, and pleased to pass this truth to you and hope you will use it wisely, and realize your special role and contribution to this significant time! ~

I have also, recorded the YouTube videos, to assist you to Open and Activate your Soul Channel, and potential powers of your Soul.

The Soul Channel is a pathway, through our Central Channel, between the top of our heads–the Crown Chakra, and the Root Chakra–1st Chakra, the Solar Plexus –3rd Chakra and from that point straight to our back, there is a Ming Man acupuncture point.
Only 4 vowels are used to activate the Soul Channel: Weng – Hei – Hong -You.
You can repeat these vowels, for a minimum of 5min-15min.
Go into a Condition, forget about yourself and your current status, for a moment. Repeat the mantra, longer you do it, it’s better, while visualizing the Light–golden or white light, connecting the points, is the perfect visualization, while practicing. 

In Love and Eternal Light for you and your transformation! ~ Please, share your experience and with your friends!~

Let us bring about, individually and collectively, new dimensions and new levels of consciousness to Mother Earth as soon as possible.

NOW it’s the TIME! ~

I Love U, Tat Jane

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