An Inspiration -- Spring Equinox

Happy Spring Time, EveryONE! ~

It is good fortune and the act of promise, today and in the next days, to connect with our original flame–the source with, and our true hearts’ and souls’ desires and callings–to set the note and our greatest intentions for our lives. We’re not really expecting but rather anticipating the beautiful unfolding of what is to be, to be in all the glory and ease.

In the coming season of spring and the new Beginnings, the days are longer–more Light and daylight. We will have a lot of opportunities for more actions and activities.

It’s a good luck and a perfect time to align within, and set our aspirations, and envision the course of actions towards our perfect life and plan.

To tune in and re-connect with the Love and Light within, its a rewarding task during the coming days and weeks!

Remember our Soul Temple, within?

The Taoist teachings which I’ve shared in the previous post, the space between our physical heart and our Heart chakra–the Message center in the middle of the chest, it’s our Soul’s Temple where our original Soul, and our unique Message resides.

The biggest significance of this sacred place in our body is that our special Task–our purpose, is waiting patiently there, for our attention, and its realization on the physical plane.

So, connect to it, converse, make notes, map a plan, today and everyday in this coming season of new beginnings, and more Light and day light! ~

Here is my contribution; a poem to inspire your communication and your romancing within! ~

Sending LOVE and Blessings for your perfect activities in the coming days and months!


There is an island where faith begins
and that’s in you deep inside
there was the day when I realized
that reflection of the images inside.

In the beginning, there’re all kinds of them
Good and bad, and all of them the same
Line through—they were aimless

One day I found the purpose
of all, somewhere forgotten deep inside
when you’re a child, an island of Light

From that day on, there’re no more tears nor sorrow
The Joy comes in the morning, opens my heart
Hello discover, thanks for coming back!

Wonder of wonders
Life’s unveiling
Beams of my purpose are taking over reality

There’s a higher purpose in you
Just look, deep, inside
There is an island, full of Light
Where you can find
the voice inside to tell you what to do
Where to go and why

Don’t forget to call upon it
It comes once you call it!

One morning you’ll awake
with the voice deep inside
you’re not alone any more
He carries you away
High Mountains, do not leave, again!

Your voice is with you
to stay there, to take you high
To tell you what to do and why
What a ride
with that voice deep inside
to take you there, to get you high
High Mountains
Thanks for coming back!                          Copyright 2007 T.Bego

Hao, Hao, Hao! — Get Perfect, Get Well! ~

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in LOVE You, LOVE U, Love U! ~ Tat Jane


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