Today I have a great realization that I’d like to share with everyone and
with my WP new family.

I hope my realization inspires you and ignites the light within your heart,

Our Hearts’ flames

This flame within, once ignited can truly remove possible boundaries that often stand in the way of a great free flowing of creation and manifestation, and our true intentions to be of an assistance and to contribute to the World.

I carry in my heart an everlasting desire to expand my consciousness, and the consciousness of others, and assist the liberation process and expansion of horizons for others to becoming their truth and to realize the unique message of their souls’.

To ignite the flame within one’s heart, which may often be dormant deep within, waiting for a kick-start and initiation.
First of, the message has to align and has to start vibrating in the frequency of one’s original soul desires and abilities and one’s highest soul plan for this lifetime.

It is Light –the consciousness—the message/spirit that inhabits the form when we’re conceived. So, we all have come, to this physical form and at this very special time, with a particular purpose and a task, to fulfill.

The sooner that we can connect with it and realize this highest plan, the sooner we will have the opportunity to become the whole and the One with, and with everyone and everything around us.

It is the feeling of being in Union, harmony and wholeness that we are searching for.

The Truth is we are all One and part of the grand plan. We are all source-due to the source within us, the seed–-the unique message we all have received, carries all we need.

The unconditional Divine, the Source love, light, all the necessary information, our virtue, the abilities and all the abundance of inspiration and possibilities.

LightFreqWe are all our own individualization of the source frequency and we carry our own special light frequency, and message, and we are part of the frequency of everyone and everything, all things.

We are all entirely connected and part of this gigantic quantum entanglement and field; all we need to do is expand our consciousness, reach out and connect with the field and with as many beings we can within it, in order to become the true vehicle and benefactor to our lives and the lives of others.

There is no separation; the separation is an imaginary concept of the old paradigm.

The true Divine, the Source desire for Mother Earth and all beings living here, now and in all universes is the Union, the Unity and one heart consciousness to be completely manifested during the current, new, Soul Light era.

This being said it’s important take a quiet moment, each and everyday and tune within and speak, converse with our special message within, the given task so that we can align our lives, actions, our deeds with it and quickly proceed with the realization of the task in harmony and ease.

The following paragraphs may explain the process better, since we all like to understand practicality of the things before we can start to resonate with the essence of it.

In the ancient Taoist teaching, the process is explained as transformation of matter–to energy, energy–to a message and the message –to the soul –the soul to the Source within.

So we know we have the Source within–our original Soul (the seed of the source), transmits the message to the heart.

The Heart receives the message and sends it to our mind.

The Mind processes it and directs the energy through the action and this action moves the body, which manifests the matter in the physical form.

This is the manifestation of our original true Soul’s intent.

So, in order to be the master’s of our destiny our Heart is the key and
a Bridge from our true—original Souls’ message—our intent to the mind that moves the energy, our body that creates and manifests the outcome we live.

Do you get the drift, yet?

In order for us to live our true hearts’ desires & our soul’s plan we need to:

-First, we have to connect to our original soul’s light within in order to hear the genuine message and recognize the original plan;
we listen without attachment to the outcome.

-Second, we truly need to purify our hearts from the possible attachments to the outcome, hearing and believing only what mind can conceive.

We have to expand our consciousness in order to be able to receive the authentic, pure messages from our soul.

In this way our manifestations in the physical form are aligned with our true hearts and souls desires and we are in the free flow of our creative energies.

We feel freedom and we are inspired.

The idea is to connect to our original Llight within, every day, even if it’s just for 5 min. in the morning when our minds and our logical thinking–pre-programming is not yet totally awake and we ask for guidance.

For instance, we can ask:
-What is my Highest Destiny–the true passion of my heart and soul?

-What is it I need to know today that can take me one step closer to my Highest Destiny, which is a true passion of my heart and soul?

-What can I do today in order to be one step closer and more aligned with my highest soul’s purpose?

If you think deeply the highest purpose of our lives is to be of service to others.

One of the greatest services is to offer love and receive love through our actions is truly the highest achievement. Whether the service is writing blogs, teaching, plumbing, construction, volunteering, singing, painting, playing a musical instrument, etc.

These are all great services if it’s an expression of our love; our genuine desire to be of  service and make a difference for the better.

When we come to the point and realize this, I believe it is already much easier. Now we just need to connect to that particular frequency where our hearts’ and souls’ are shining and vibrating the brightest light and love.

Quantum fieldIf we are still not sure what our destination is, we can visualize it not as a place but rather the field of energy, we’re moving towards.

Something that opens, rather then constrains our hearts, minds, bodies and our spirit; Something that is flowing, just like a straw in the river, where we do not need to try very hard to navigate and we are in harmony with it; where we feel we are part of and we can prosper.

If it is so hard, feels so hard and it drains our energy we are definitely not in alignment with the task and on the right path, this is the sign for us to change the course and/or to move slightly to a different direction.

I am a big believer that this physical life we have is to be of service and in alignment, in love, union with our original plan, the light of our soul and in harmony with our Divine, the Source plan; so it’s easy and it’s very clear to realize when we are off the course and our path becomes solely a struggle.

Once on the right path it’s a true blessing, we are energized, nourished, invigorated and inspired. This is when our Soul grows even bigger and we start receiving the virtue–‘te’ the spiritual currency for our good services in abundance. The virtue is a true food for our soul and all souls around us are being nourished.

We are serving and realizing out true souls’ potential and we’re assisting others at the same time.

I intend with this article to open your perspective in some way and connect you to the genuine desire and original flame of your heart and soul.

I hope it helps you to create the life in harmony and ease, where in union and aligned with the highest plan for you and the lives of others around you.

The point truly is if our creation finds even just one person caught in the vicious circle of a kind or in a life challenge, and it helps lift off a burden and brings Love, light and opens the heart to the endless possibilities of our consciousness and this physical life, and moves one’s journey to the next level, we’ve done a great job and it’s a true blessing for all concerned.

Since we know we are all entirely connected and each of our good deeds and actions, raises the frequency and vibration of others, too, and over all frequency on our planet is accelerating, we can feel true uplift and our soul’s standing is uplifted when we are align with our truth, our plan and in service to others.

There is the ancient an saying:

“It’s more worthy to save one person’s life or a soul journey then to build 7 towers Buddhist Temple.”

What I’d like to point out today is once we break those chains and we start sharing our Truth and shining our original souls’ message, gifts and light to others, the first thing we need  to do is connect with it, daily.

When we’re open to the possibility of receiving messages from our original true soul light, our physical Heart will receive them easily and send the heart felt, soul message to our mind, that will conduct the most appropriate action plan to our body to execute this perfect plan to our Revelation on the physical plane.

This is truly ease, flow and bliss and the right thing to do in order to start manifesting and creating our heart’s desires and living our true passion, our highest destiny and offer the best of us to the World!

Start receiving and giving love and light, freely and abundantly, let us join hearts and souls together to co-create the new paradigm and New Earth on our planet! ~
It’s the Perfect time! ~

I’d like to Thank some of the WorldPress bloggers for inspiring me and supporting my bloggers’ journey! ~ Thank you, Thank U, Thank you! ~

Loving you and you’re are always in my heart,
Tat Jane


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  1. Your light, love and words spread truth and a vital message, while informing and educating. What you write is inspiring and uplifting and each word is loaded with love for all that has been, is and will ever be. Glorious.

    1. Wow, Thank you, so much Beloved Fauxroft, your #poetry is so inspiring, full of Love and care and moving, too! ~ I am so honored to know you and to receive this amazing comment from you! ~ I LoVe You! ~ ~ ~ We’re so Blessed to be together on this Journey! ~ ~ ~

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