Ascension of Love Consciousness on Earth

The enormous shift is happening on earth. It started with Valentine’s Day, and New Moon on Feb 16th, 2018.
The long-awaited rise of Love consciousness is dawning on Mother Earth. The high-level love frequencies fill the air.

Last six months, a post-Solar Eclipse time from Aug. 21st’17 to the Lunar Eclipse that occurred on Jan.31st’18 was the most significant time on our planet, that I remember.

I’d refer you to my article on the influence of sun and moon on our psyche.  Here, I’d like to point out that the above eclipse-season had a significant impact on our conscious and subconscious minds.

Speaking for my self first, and feeling the others, we are profoundly changed and cleansed. I am referring to a huge shift in my own perceptions and awareness.
It feels like a huge fog has lifted off my mind, my heart, and soul.
As a result, I am experiencing greater awareness, and clarity in my mind. I feel the huge shift, and expansion in my heart and mind.
My consciousness and subconsciousness, they undergone adjustments that the way I process things has changed.

Additionally, some things are vanishing from my life. The things that are not aligned with our higher purpose they are leaving us. As a result, we are able to be more present in the now moment. Consequently, without useless thinking of the past and future, there’s more space for Love consciousness to come into our lives.

Current Shifts within our Pshyche are Orchastrated for Our Evolution

It is the time to celebrate together, with all light beings, from ours and other Universes.  These current changes for the highest good and humanity’s  evolution are supported and orchestrated throughout the universe, and here on earth.
They will continue to grace our lives and take place, until we completely purify, and recalibrate to the divine beings of love and light.
We’re meant to master our original light, in this physical form and on earth at this time. Through the changes of the available higher frequencies of light, we are aligning with our higher selves, globally. Our acceleration to the higher awareness and levels of consciousness is at hand in this, and the years to come of our earth’s evolution, at this time.

At last, we’re experiencing the liberation and lifting off the darkness from the face of the Earth, and in both our inner and the outer world.

What is happening exactly, we’re purifying on a deep level and leaving behind old memories, repetitive patterns, and attachments.
It is happening mostly through our hearts.
Many deep emotions and feelings, stored in our subconsciousness, not serving our highest purpose are dissipating.
These negative memories, which are currently leaving us, were not aligned with our ascensions’ plan. Therefore, in order for us to move forward on our evolution, they’re purifying through current natural cycles on earth as a part of the divine plan.

The Timeline of Our Higher Plan is With No Separations

The truth is when we do not experience resistance and separation within, and with physical–external world, then we can truly live in peace and harmony.

In other words, when we go beyond our personal perspective and immediate needs, our consciousness expands, and our higher self takes over. In this way awakened and aligned with our divinity, and higher purpose, we enter the timeline of our higher plan where we can thrive.

I feel very fortunate for what I have received, as the most appropriate adjustments and recalibration at this significant time. I hope you can seize the opportunity for your own growth, too.

Our Yin–deepest emotions, and our Yang–our sun, our consciousness, and actions through an extended purification process, are balanced naturally.

The ancient teaching say, when Yin and Yang are in balance, we are happy and healthy.

We are made whole in harmony and through the cycles of nature.

The veils are lifting off, and the naked truth is filling up the air and our lives.

A breath of fresh air feels good, and it’s to be experienced more throughout the years to come.

Present Opportunities to Align our Small with the Big Universe

Our small Universe, inside, is aligning with the big Universe, outside of us.  We are aligning with the highest source plan to bring love and Revelation to earth.

Everything, which is less than harmony, integrity, and unity is not to survive, these major universal shifts of highest light frequencies.

The old paradigm and plan have been suddenly, magically whipped out and it’s gone with the wind of the golden new era of Light.

Now, we can see clearly that the separation theory and practice was a foundation in the old program. Only this shift alone is monumental and we ought to be grateful for, now as it’s part of history.

It is a true relief to know that our subconscious minds cannot manipulate us any longer.  Also to know that others are not able to manipulate us, through our subconscious minds’ either.

With this fact alone we have made the space for the ascension of love consciousness on a global scale.

The Magic of Love

We will have the opportunity to experience the power of love and what love can do for our lives. Love is able to move our journeys to the next best timeline where we can live our truth and innate souls’ desires.

When we are granted this brilliant life with no separation within our conscious and our subconscious minds, and when the inner and the outer world are in harmony and unity, we are made whole.

Focused in our open, grateful hearts, in Divine–the Source presence, and with every breath, we take, present in the moment all things are available and possible.

Everything we always wanted to experience is unfolding in perfect love, harmony, and ease when we are in this state of unity.

Inflow and moment-to-moment, our lives are less pre-destined. Everything is at hand, and it is the matter of what we’re ready to perceive, experience and receive.

Through Love to Our Limitless Selves

Including all dimensions of consciousness are available to us. It’s clear that they were always available to us.

To purify the soul, heart, mind, and body and aligns with the highest frequencies of an unconditional Divine–the Source love and light, within is to become one with the original, eternal light of our soul.

I became one with the Divine and the Source grand plan for Humanity’s evolution at this time on earth. It is very natural to me to be aligned with this grand-plan, since it was always in my heart and soul. I admit that I have seen it in my mind’s eye, long before its manifestation.

We’re all needed, precious and have the special task to accomplish on the new earth.

Final Thoughts on Power of Love Together

Let us join hearts and souls together for this special task to bring in the new era of light, and to experience all dimensions of consciousness as soon as we can.

We can open our hearts more fully, and help one another to experience the same. Imagine what can happen once love permeates all things.

There is nothing to fear from, nothing to be concern about but the fear itself.

Through love, light, harmony, and cooperation we can accomplish what we came to earth to accomplish.

It is our journey together that matters the most.

Limitless beings we are, once in the condition of unity with new greatest vibrations and highest frequencies of light, love & care within our hearts.

All is eternally ours once we dare.

Loving You forever, we’re together on this sway.  Tat Jane

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