In sincere care for Humanity and Mother Earth, this article is dedicated to explaining ‘Soul Power–The New Paradigm’, the New Reality we are experiencing on our planet right NOW! I will share some essential wisdom in regards to the current shifts and changes, that took place and continue to take place, which, once understood and aligned with, we can start benefiting from, just by BEING who WE TRULY ARE. This knowledge is meant to awaken what’s not awake yet, in our beloved readers’ conscious mind, and it’s meant to Heal some possible wounds that were not yet able to heal and purify. I have always seen Human race flourishing, and the consciousness of Humanity expanding, with no limits and no boundaries. The truth is, it is possible for my Vision to fully manifest at last, and at this time on Mother Earth! Let us go back in time, just a little bit. After the January 2017 Equinox and total Solar eclipse on Aug.21st’17, a new paradigm has dawned on Mother Earth! ~ Together with great calamities and so called ‘destruction’ of all kinds, the Time is Now to experience all that we have ever wanted to be, and to become. Many are still wondering in awe, what’s really happening? Things that are carefully calculated and programmed by our minds don’t seem to work as they used to. This is the Power and Significance of the new era, the Soul Light Era, that began on Aug.8th’ 2003, and has just emerged, globally, during the eclipse season this July/August 2018. It is important to mention that like all other eras, the Soul Light Era will last 15000 years. The main difference of this era, is that in the next thousands of years, the Soul is governing all things and it is the Boss. Yes, our beautiful Soul, the Light being within us, is taking over the Mind, which was the governor in the previous paradigm (previous era). This major shift is creating the New Paradigm–the New Reality for all Humanity, Mother Earth, and way beyond. It is a permanent change, for all of us, blessed to be present and living on Mother Earth, at this time. There is no going back any time soon! ~ We have to celebrate this change; it’s a true blessing for Humanity and all souls. The Human mind is powerful and advanced, it also has many limitations and they show as, just to name a few: negative mindsets, negative beliefs, ego and attachments, manipulation abilities. All these limits our true Potential and Abilities. On the other hand, and what we need to be aware of and intend to bring forth, at this time is, our Powerful Soul, the Light Being, which resides within us and it’s the original true Light, closely connected to the Creator.  Currently, for most of Humanity, this Light Being, within is still waiting for our full attention, to speak out and lead our glorious ways to our ascensions. I would like to re-view some main characteristics of the Soul: ~ Our Soul has Consciousness and Intelligence, ~ incredible wisdom, knowledge and experience (from many previous lifetimes; it’s by far our best consultant and guide) ~ can transmit it’s great wisdom and experience to our mind ~ great memory ~ flexibility ~ communication power and abilities (our Soul communicates with other souls naturally) ~ incredible Healing power–to self heal and to heal others ~ The Soul can prevent sickness ~ Blessing capabilities–to experience this, when you are in difficulty, simply ask your soul to Bless your life. Your soul will find the way to assist you. ~ Incomprehensible Potential Powers (when accessed and developed, one is able to exceed in all areas of life) ~ ability to protect and reward our lives ~ The Soul naturally follows spiritual principal and Laws–once we align with its flow, and let go of need to correct and adjust something. ~ it is eternal ~ it is able to reach enlightenment and more. Our soul always knows the Truth and knows the How; we just have to ask it. We also, have to open and purify our Hearts to be able, to receive the true messages from our Soul. In this process, we need to be aware of our Minds, which receive messages from our Hearts’ and Souls’ and Minds’ tendency and desire to take charge, to do processing and calculations, in many ways manipulations. This is due to the decades of 3D experience and characteristics of the previous paradigm, where the attachments to the outcome, desire to change things, adjust the outcomes, live in the past, or the future, and more is the mind’s ego, ways, to adjust things. There are few main blockages that can exhaust our Life force and we have to be aware of: ~ Soul blockages are negative messages and are result of the mistakes one and one’s Ancestors have made in this and previous lifetimes. They are stored within our soul, heart, mind and body, as a negative message created by harming, hurting, cheating, stealing, taking advantage of others, through speech, actions or thoughts and more, in this or previous lifetimes. Frankly, we all made mistakes at some point in time, so the wisdom is to be aware, and conscious of the possibility for these negative messages to surface, and that they may block our vision, our thinking, our experiences, and sometimes our whole life if we get caught up in them. We can prevent negative messages from taking over our life, by being aware and conscious of them, and by accessing the wisdom and power from our Soul. ~ Heart blockage are impurities such as, selfishness, greed, desire for fame, money, unworthiness and more, Heart blockages, when realized and faced, can be easily eradicated. ~ Mind blockages are negative mindsets, negative attitudes, negative beliefs, ego and attachments Mind blockages, too, when recognized, consciously addressed, and through the power of our Soul can be dismissed. ~ Emotional blockages are anger, anxiety, depression, guilt, worry, grief, fear and more Emotional blockages are sort of result of Soul, Heart and Mind blockages. First, the Soul get sick, and the soul sends the message to the Heart. Heart receives the message and sends it to the Mind. The Mind creates the action of emotional and physical imbalance. It is that simple if you think about it, more deeply. ~ Body blockages are matter blockages, within the cells and energy blockages, in between the cells. They usually, result in tumors, cysts, inflammations and more, and are truly, and mostly, the result of our negative messages, feelings, actions, and deeds. In essence, once we know where the root cause is, of any of our problems and issues, there are more chances that we’ll be able to deal with our own challenges more easily. You might already sense, that there are practical Soul Power techniques, and more ways to implement to successfully remove all kinds of blockages, from our life, but that is not what this blog post is about. This Blog post is about to reveal the Truth which is ‘Know thy Self’. ‘Know thy Self’ can be explained in many ways but for this instance of the current Shifts that are taking place, and the start of the New Paradigm–the New Reality, it’s important to stress the change of the focal point. The focal point is within everyone of us, respectfully. Everyone, and everything has the Soul, and the Soul is the Boss. Our Soul is the light being within US, not someplace else, but within each and everyone, inanimate, and animate beings. It is about human beings taking the responsibility, not only for themselves but for others, too. It is becoming Conscious of WHAT it IS, so that NEW LEVELS of Consciousness may reveal themselves to us. Being more AWARE of Union within us, and with the Higher plane and Cosmic Union, and the Higher Intelligence of the Universe. This is all available at this time, although it is a step by step process, and it starts nowhere else but within our own hearts and souls. Also, There is a brilliant and simple way to quickly transform and accelerate, at this special time, once we know the above mechanics. To be Present in the Now moment, focused in our Hearts in the feeling of Love, Gratitude, Truth and Harmony with everyone and everything, experience of Unity, not a separation, is when we are able to experience our original, true Soul Light and the Creator within us! ~ Then time stops and we experience, the Divine presence within. We become a channel, of the Divine Powers within us. We are able to receive the purest messages, guidance, the insights for our next steps, in our journeys. We don’t need to reach out for anything; to grasp, to try hard, everything is already within us when we’re connected through our Hearts, to our Divine self – our original true Soul light, in the present moment. That is why it is so essential that as many people, and as quickly as possible, AWAKE to this Truth and recognize and be guided by their Soul Light beings, within. Our Souls carry Love, Light, and Kindness, Co-operation abilities. Our Soul wants to serve, to bring out these qualities to the World and assist the New Dimensions and New Levels of Consciousness to prevail. It is the Unity and our Collective effort that is able bring the full manifestation of the new era and new dimensions of consciousness to its full glory and bloom. Never underestimate your role, importance and your co-creation of the New Era and the New Earth; by being in your Heart, in the feeling of Love and Gratitude, connected to your original true Soul Light, with the crystal clear Intentions to better this already amazing World and Time, we live in. The Crystal clear intentions from your Heart and your Soul, will bypass the minds’ clutter and will direct the energies to the right places and the manifestation, of the highest good for all, will follow. Remember that where you put your mind, that’s where the energy goes and the action follows. So, put positive, creative thoughts in your mind, preferably for the good of all and benefit of many, so that there is a great chance that they’ll be fulfilled. Stay focused in your Heart; Heart is the core of Life. In love and gratitude, through your Heart, you’re connected to your original Soul, light – where is the essence of everyone’s Life and you’ll always find the inspiration to move on in the most profound way for you and everyone around you. Be focused in your Heart, connected and One with your Truth, your original true Soul Light in the present moment, in Creator’s Presence, one with everyone and everything! I am Looking forward to connect with You, in some way, in person, or remotely via ‘light web’, telephone, or Skype. Do not hesitate to reach out to me, in any of these ways! ~ I would like you to experience one’s Soul power in Action. I believe the best way to experience something, is to Live experience it. The Time is Now to experience all we have ever wanted to be and to become. In Eternal Love and LIGHT, Tat Jane Please read throughout Soul Light Universal website, to learn the ways we can assist you: Visit us on Pinterest, to see all our insights and ideas for your Life and your Journey: Visit our SHOP on Etsy’s: JOIN Soul Light Universal, FB group to receive remote blessing to: “Become your true original Light and One with your Highest purpose.” Please LIKE our page: Connect with us on Linkedin: To watch, practice receive Blessings visit our YouTube Channel: To listen to Tat Jane Bego Vic music and lyrics go to: Twitter link is in the footer in LOVE and LIGHT, with you always Tat Jane

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