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Soul Light Universal~alternative medicine is established to assist people to heal, transform, and accelerate on their physical and spiritual journeys.
We support others through practical ancient and new wisdom, techniques, and high frequency of Light healing/blessing transmissions.
Essentially, our knowledge and tools are designed to remove soul, heart, mind and body blockages from your physical and spiritual bodies.
Blockages, accumulated during this and previous lifetimes are root cause of our challenges and physical health conditions.

The Ancient and New Knowledge, Practical Techniques and High Frequency Healing/Blessings

Supreme Universal Light is available to us at this time for our speedy healing and transformations in all aspects of our lives.  

Soul Light Universal is here to initiate this healing and acceleration within your lives.

Are we Aware and experiencing, receiving all that our souls have desired to experience through out many lifetimes, and earn to come to this point?
If we are not, or we are, Soul Light Universal is the place and space for you to explore. Why?

High Frequencies of the Source Light and an Integrated Part of Our Therapy

Because all veils are lifting off. “Maya” that was implanted on humanity and Mother Earth in the previous decades and centuries, and all delusions, are dissipating at this time.
Therefore, it is a precious time for us to experience freedom in our lives and full expression of our gifts, talent and abilities.
We are here to help you get your full breath, and your life back and up to your highest standards, and your potential.

All our blue prints are awakened at this time, and for this reason we are most receptive and available to experience all that we always seek to experience and become.

Let Soul Light Universal help you to reach your Soul’s ultimate height and potential, through high frequencies of Light healing/blessing transmissions and wisdom behind them.

The New Earth and Our New Reality are in Alignment with the Methods and Techniques we Practice

I shared before and would like to share in this article once again. Believing, it’s important for everyone to knows what’s really happening.

The New Era has begun on Aug.8th’2003. Its name is Soul Light Era.
Our therapy is a product of all the new parameters, principal and laws of the new earth.

This new era, like any other era, will last 15 000 years. so we are at the dawn of this momentous shift on Mother Earth.
Consequently, most people living on earth at this time are meant to be co-creators of the new earth, and the new era of Light.In this age Humanity is meant to grow the Light within.through consciousness shift to Heart centered reality.

This is a turning point for Humanity and Mother Earth. The power of mind over matter is shifting to the power of the Soul over matter.

Soul Power is the power of the 21st Century–the first century in the new era.  Therefore, the teachings, and healing/blessings for the power of the soul, are here to empower humanity to heal and align with this time onwards.

Due to this Permanent Change on Earth, We all Need More Knowledge and Practical Techniques

Allow us to help you align with the current shifts and changes. Once you know the wisdom behind this monumental time it’s easy to purify, and grow in every moment and aspect of your lives.

The final goal of this Era is for us to enlighten our souls, hearts, minds and bodies. We are to reach the ultimate goal of Soul Light Era, which is:

“All Souls join as One in Universal soul enlightenment”

In order to achieve this ultimate Divine and the Source plan for every soul on Mother Earth, we have to enlighten ourselves first. Afterwords, we have to help others, our friends and family to enlighten themselves.
We are to assist our neighbors, our colleagues, the human beings in our cities, our countries, and all beings on Mother Earth, to achieve the grand plan.

Let us join hearts and souls together to offer an unconditional, universal service to all souls in order to create love, harmony and the One Heart and Unity consciousness on Mother Earth and in all Universes.

We can accomplish the Divine and the Source plan and the vision for this era, to bring about the enlightenment to all beings, and we start with ourselves.

The Ultimate Plan for The New Earth, is Humanities Acceleration on All Levels of Life

When we get assistance to remove immediate soul, heart and mind blockages, and we heal what’s to be healed through wisdom, knowledge and blessings of high light frequencies., we can move on with our journeys and assist others to do the same.

The practices, and practical techniques are here to support our wisdom and knowledge.
For instance), we can remove soul, heart, mind and energy and matter blockages, from our bodies, our minds and our spirits through doing a simple energy and matter practice 15 minutes/per day.
In this way, we can establish our energy and matter flow perfectly throughout our bodies. This would enable our higher performance and overall well being.

Through healing/blessings and frequency transmissions, we raise and refine our frequency and vibrations. Ultimately, in this way we help raise vibrations of many people around us, and in a long run we prolong our own lives.

Our Unique Special Gifts, Talents and Abilities for The New Earth

I have studied Power of Soul for the new paradigm and new earth for last 6 years.
I am so very honored to pass this knowledge, and blessings to you, and help you heal, grow and accelerate further on your journey.
It is so important that we all realize our special role, significance and contribution to this time on earth.

We are all very special, with our unique gifts, abilities, and talents necessary for our contribution and  the realization of the divine and the source plan.

In Love and eternal Light, please, share your experiences with me, and others. I am here for you and all who are ready and willing to step forward on co-creating the new earth and our new reality.

Let us, usher, individually and collectively, new dimensions and new levels of consciousness to humanity, Mother Earth and creating the New World based on love, care, and cooperation.

NOW it’s the TIME.

in Love,  Tat Jane

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