Soul Light Universal~alternative medicine, was established to assist humanity to accelerate, transform, and heal through the highest frequencies of the Source Light. We offer tools designed to remove possible soul, heart, mind and body blockages that may stand in the way of true acceleration and progress.

Supreme Universal Light is available to us at this time on our beloved planet~Mother Earth!

Are we Aware and experiencing, receiving all that our souls have desired to experience through out many lifetimes, and earn to come to this point?
If we are not, or we are, Soul Light Universal is the place and space for you to explore. Why?

Because all Veils are lifting off. “Maya” that was implanted on Mother Earth in the previous era and all delusions are dissipating. They are taking off, for good, leaving freedom of expression and much space for us to take a deep breath, and live up to our true Light and true Consciousness of our original Souls’ Light! ~

Our blue prints are awakening, at this time, and are ready to experience all that was in plan for us to experience, since the beginning of our souls’ time.  We can not be more Grateful for this moment in Time, and it’s essential that we use it thoroughly, and completely, to reach our Soul’ ultimate height!

Supreme Light is everywhere, it is making us blind at the moments, and we are still adjusting to its frequency and potency. We are getting ready, for a Flight. The flight process will be repeating until we master our flight techniques in this far-reaching time.

I shared before and would like to share in this article, once again, believing it’s important for everyone to knows what’s really happening! ~

The New Era has begun on Aug.8th’2003. Its name is Soul Light Era.

Like any other era, it will last 15 000 years. so we are living at the dawn of this momentous time on Mother Earth. We are able to be co-creators of the new Era of Light on planet Earth.

This is a turning point for Humanity and Mother Earth. The power of Mind over matter is moving to the power of Soul over matter.

Soul Power is the power of 21st Century and the teachings on power of soul, are here to empower humanity to heal them selves and heal others.

Transform, purify every aspect of life and enlighten souls, hearts, minds and bodies.

The ultimate goal of Soul Light Era is:

“All Souls join as One to reach Universal soul enlightenment”

In order to achieve this ultimate Divine and the Source plan for every soul on Mother Earth, we have to enlighten ourselves first, then enlighten the souls of our friends, neighbors, our colleagues, souls of human beings in our city, our countries, souls of all beings on Mother Earth.

Let us join hearts and souls together to offer an unconditional, universal service to all souls in order to create love, peace, harmony and One Heart and Unity consciousness on Mother Earth and in all Universes.

Let us accomplish the Divine and the Source plan and the Vision for this era, to bring about the enlightenment to all beings, humanity, animals, all nature, here and beyond.

When we do Spiritual and energy practices, (featured YouTube video, for instance), we are removing soul, heart, mind and energy and matter blockages, from our bodies, our minds and our spirits (our souls–our messages).

We raise and refine our frequencies and vibrations and ultimately in this way we help raise frequencies of all beautiful beings around us, and way beyond! ~

We are helping others accelerate and transform on the soul level, first, then the physical manifestation, naturally follows.

I recommend from my heart, the book “The Power of Soul” ~ Amazon seller, by Dr.Zhi Gang Sha, one of my Spiritual teachers.
This book was a sort of kickstart for me, about 8 years ago. It reminded me on much I was always experiencing throughout my whole life, yet, I wasn’t sure why no one was talking about it. This book assured my beliefs, and experiences of the power of our Souls, and the significance of this time we live in. The rest is history, as you can see.

In between the lines, some practical techniques, and some blessings, the whole Intent of my life become the opportunity to experience all that I, my original soul ~ my true self, my true Soul light, wanted to experience from its beginning of time. That is why I am so sure, I can pass this knowledge to whomever is ready to become one with the true potential, and light of ones’ Soul.

I am so very honored to pass some knowledge and truth to you, and hope you will use it to realize your special role and contribution to this significant time! ~

We are all very special flames in the eternal fire of this monumental time. ~

Soul Light Universal is here to assist you in any way possible, through the wisdom and practical Soul power techniques, and blessings which are available, so much is possible and can be revealed to you.

In Love and Eternal Light, please, share your experiences with me, and with your friends!

Let us bring about, individually and collectively new dimensions and new levels of consciousness to Humanity and Mother Earth!

NOW it’s the TIME! ~

I Love U, Tat Jane

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