Love You, EveryONE! ~ After yesterday’s Total Solar Eclipse and the New Moon in Lio we are experiencing upheaval of enourmous energies and friquences that will last for the next Six months! ~ We are called to use this greatest energies for whatever dreams we have that are in alignment with our highest destiny and supports the Highest good for all. They have a great chance to be answered through and be infused with clarity, inspiration and bravery … Our Uniqueness is a Throne at this time and we may experience a greatest support for our endeavors.  Everything is possible and the key is to go with Divine inner Flow of our Heart and be fully present in the moment to moment!~ Use the POWER of this Eclipse and the next 6 month to make a HUGE difference in both your personal lives and on our planet, focusing on peace and the manifestation of the highest good. I have created TWO Videos that can assist this implementation and manifestation! ~ The first one is for those that are ready and just need a boost and some sacred wisdom and simple technique to experience the full benefits.
The Second one is for those that still struggle and feel separtaion in any way, within and with others. In fact both Videos may help you benefit now and forever more
May we Experience our Highest original Soul Light, wealth, power,and influence positively ~  benefit as many during this powerful time! ~ In Eternal LoVe and Light, Tat Jane

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