LOVE PEACE HARMONY Source Soul Song has been given to Humanity, freely, from the Divine, through Master Sha, on of my  Spiritual Fathers to help, assist awaken and uplift Humanity and All Souls on Mother Earth to pass through Transition times.

This soul song carries the Highest frequency & vibration of the Divine and the Source Love, Forgiveness, Compassion and Light and it carries a sacred spiritual order, that is  in following four lines:

“I Love my Heart & Soul
I Love All Humanity
Join Hearts & Souls together,


In the Power of Soul teachings all the sickness is due to Heart blockages, and the heart houses the soul and mind.

In the first line of this Soul song, when you sing “I love my heart and soul”,

you are sending an affirmation to your Soul to love itself.

Love your soul to heal your soul.

Love melts all blockages and transforms all life.

This first line is a priceless soul treasure for healing and for life transformation.

It gives Humanity, and all souls the simplest and most profound, practical tool to do soul-self healing.

In the second line, “I love all humanity”, the Divine, the Source, gives Humanity, the second, simple and profound practical tool to offer: Service to others and receive good virtue.

To offer good service to others is to receive Blessings in your life.

To give bad service is to receive lessons and challenges.

In this regard, the 2nd line “I love all Humanity” is a spiritual treasure to heal and remove spiritual blockages from one’s self, which are also the root blockages for every aspect of one’s life.

By reciting/chanting/playing “I love all humanity” we’re offering a good service, we are offering the Divine and the Source love, forgiveness, compassion and light to all souls, humanity and Mother Earth.

We are accumulating a good virtue, for our service, by spreading Love, Peace & Harmony through the highest frequency of Divine and the Source love, forgiveness, compassion and light that is so necessary, especially through the transition time.

It is essential for everyone to assist in this way.

The third line is: “Join hearts and souls together”

It is the Divine and the Source calling a sacred order to Humanity and all souls to join hearts and souls together as One.  It is a calling to Unity Consciousness.

The One is Divine consciousness. Divine consciousness is within everyone and everything. We are all one within the Divine consciousness and this is a calling for all to open their hearts and souls and awaken, to join as One with the Divine consciousness, within.

The fourth and the fifth lines are the same sentence, repeated to emphasize the order, the calling:

“Love, Peace and Harmony”

“Love, Peace and Harmony”

The Divine and the Source’s intention, and the ultimate mission, is to create Love, Peace and Harmony for Humanity on Mother Earth, and for all souls in all universes.

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By singing or just playing this soul song at any volume, we are Serving All Beings on Mother Earth and in All Universes! ~

We are in the Creators shoes, through the Eternal Love that he has planted within each one of us, his children. We are the creators by our birth right with his Unconditional Love in our hearts. Deep within we are all ready to hold everyone and everything, the whole Universe within us and be in the perfect harmony & empathy with all that is.

It is Us being that what we long for!

Every soul on Mother Earth desires for the Unity consciousness. It is a perfect time.
It was never experienced before, that so many people on our planet are on the same wavelength and long to experience Unity Consciousness that is coming up next to prevail on our planet.

By our individual efforts and experience of this expansion of Love, Peace, Harmony and Unity consciousness, we automatically assist, on the soul level, many others in this transformation and ascension. Our collective ascension to the next levels of consciousness and frequencies.

We are coming together in united efforts, assisting and becoming co-creators of the new Dimensions of consciousness and full manifestation of the New Era ~ Era of Light ~ Soul Light Era on Mother Earth.

Play, share, give away, this sacred spiritual gift ~

Sing/Play it 24/7 ~ at the lowest volume is enough to uplift and transform the frequency of anything or anyone~ at your home, office, car. Share it with the World.

Give out this precious Free gift to help uplift, transform and purify as many people and as many places on our planet as it is possible.

Give it to your friends, family, neighbors, your Community.

Let us join Hearts & Souls together to Awaken and Uplift Humanity by sharing the message of Love, Peace & Harmony and this precious free gift from the Divine and the Source to ALL! ~

in Love & Light, Tat Jane


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