Guan Yin–the Buddha of Compassion

‘Heart Sutra’ is one of Guan Yin’s Mantras. She is known as the Bodhisattva of Compassion.
The Heart Sutra, Mantra can help us to purify our hearts.
When our heart is pure, with no blockages, it serves as a gateway to our endless soul potential.
By chanting Heart Sutra, we connect and become one with those many abilities of our Soul, through the heart. 

Heart SutraGuan Yin is also called Na Mo Guan Shi Yin Pusa, which means word for word  ‘the one who hears the cries of the world and responds to them with the greatest compassion and humility.’

Guan Yin is present in the New Era and her new name is Ling Hui Sheng Shi that translates to Soul Intelligence Saint Servant. 

Therefore, when we recite her Heart Sutra mantra we can go into a condition of infinite wisdom and experience of the world through the eyes of love and compassion for all existence, which is infinite intelligence.

The wisdom is our true self–our Higher Self has this ability to see the world through the eyes of love and compassion, once we purify our hearts.
Consequently, the mantra is the calling to all souls to develop the compassion of the Buddha for the highest good of all. 

The Heart Houses the Mind, Body and Soul

There is an ancient saying that the Heart houses the mind, and soul, and body. This means that the heart is the ultimate ruler of our destiny. 

For this reason, our goal is to clear the blockages from our hearts and purify our perceptions and experiences to realize our life.
The key to healing, transformation, and ascension, in every aspect of life, is a pure, open heart.

By reciting the Guan Yin’s Heart Sutra Mantra is possible to purify, and in this way develop and expand the abilities of our heart center.
The ability to love unconditionally and to hear the cries of the world is a beneficent ability that brings lasting fortune to the life of others and our lives.

The Words of Guan Yin’s ‘Heart Sutra’ Mantra

 “Jie Di, Jie Di, Bolo Jie Di
Bolo San Jie Di
Pu ti Sa Po Ho”

Go into stillness, the emptiness, connect with all creations.
Become one with it. Listen to the Messages, they help us to open our hearts.
As mentioned our ultimate goal is to  purify the heart, so we can experience our true self and purpose in service to all.

Selflessly, we attempt to become one with all creation. We overcome ourselves. 

This is part of our Souls’ evolution.
The ancient a saying also says:
Recite the sacred texts to Become them.

It is similar to practicing the state of being until we become one with it.

PIN-Guan Yin ‘Heart Sutra’

Recite the above Heart Sutra to purify your Heart and become your original Light, your True Self.

Let go of all concepts and surrender to the flow of your heart and soul.

Share your experience with others. To share is to serve others and your evolution. 

With these practical techniques and special blessings, we can accelerate fast and evolve to the next levels of our consciousness and awareness, and the physical timeline of our heart’s innate desire. 

The Practice to Awaken the Compassion and Love of Our Hearts and Souls

VD Practice Reciting ‘Heart Sutra’ 108_Times




Love, LOVE, Love, Tat Jane

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